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The Left Brow Beats the NY Times

One of the most significant events of the summer happened the other day. The extreme liberals browbeat the New York Times into changing an accurate and reasonable headline because it made President Trump look reasonable and Presidential. Some of the … Continue reading

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How to Change The Mind of a Hillary Supporter

Unhypnotizing a Clinton Supporter This is an article written by Scott Adams and posted on his blog. Scott Adams is the author / creator of Dilbert. It’s a clear method describing how to unhypnotyize a Hillary supporter. For many who … Continue reading

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New Skills are the Answer

New Skills are the Answer  In 1903 man flew for the first time. 1969 man landed on the moon. That’s a very significant leap for man in only sixty six years. Today almost every cell phone has more computing power … Continue reading

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What is a Job?

A job is when an employer is willing to pay an employee to do some work for an agreed payment. Sometimes this is for a one time task and sometimes this is for an on going opportunity. Some jobs are … Continue reading

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