Bill Clinton and Me Too

Bill Clinton and the Me Too Movement

I’ve read several articles lately that explain how poor Bill Clinton is being hounded by his bad behavior more than 20 years ago and while he was in office. Bill Clinton is finally getting the chastising that he’s deserved for years.

It’s a shame that it took so many years for his bad behavior to be recognized for the bad behavior that it was. As it happened it was bad behavior and unacceptable to almost every person in this country.

It was news that was never reported, or it was news that was explained away as acceptable. Walking up to a stranger and slapping them is wrong, it always has been. Any sexual relationship between a married senior executive in an organization and a female who is younger and subordinate to and not the senior executive’s spouse is wrong, these things have always been wrong. Nothing has changed about the bad behavior, it’s always been wrong, but what has changed is how the news is reported.

Anita Hill was in the news in 1991 because she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. The problem was the alleged harassment occurred about ten years prior to her accusation and the witnesses and the facts didn’t all hold together for a clear picture, there were holes in the story.

This was big news and the hearings were televised and held the countries attention for about a week. Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court to replace Thurgood Marshall the first Black Justice on the Supreme Court. Thurgood Marshall was a left wing liberal and was acceptable as that, but Clarence Thomas was a right wind conservative and was not acceptable as a replacement for Thurgood Marshall.

At the time it seemed to me that ideology superseded skin color. The left was not happy that Clarence Thomas was the nominee, they were resisting his appointment. Anita Hill was either pushed into making this allegation or she felt she needed to come forward on her own, but either way she did and the whole story came out publicly.

Anita Hill’s story revealed that Clarence Thomas had discussed sexual acts in front of her, he watched sexual acts on video in front of her, there was even an incident with a Coke can and a pubic hair. Clarence Thomas also allegedly repeatedly asked Ms. Hill out during their years working together. Clarence Thomas denied the entire allegation but was eventually Confirmed to the Supreme Court.

The information and the tone of the news in 1991 was that Anita Hill was the victim and Clarence Thomas was guilty of serious bad behavior. The evidence was questionable, the accusation didn’t come in real time, the evidence came just in time to accuse a man that the left didn’t want confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Whilly, and Monica Lewinski, all made allegations against President Clinton which he quickly denied. However, the evidence backed the allegations so he had to back track his denials and eventually admit that he did have inappropriate relationships with some of them.

The media, the left, the public watchdogs, didn’t use the same tone they used for Clarence Thomas, their standard of guilt was much different for Thomas than for Clinton. The accusation was enough for Thomas to be guilty, he was wrong and Anita Hill was right. The Clinton team attacked all the accusers and made them all out to be, whores and sluts taking advantage of the President.

Bill Clinton was not wrong, he was entitled to his sexual life that was private and not public, it had nothing to do with how he did his job. Bill Clinton was acceptable, but his accusers were not.

Recently Harvey Weinstien, Kevin Spacy, Bill Cosby, and Eric Schneiderman among many others are accused of their own bad behavior. Their bad behavior goes back decades and was as deplorable when it occurred as it is deplorable today.

Bad behavior is bad behavior regardless of who committed the bad behavior, the first time these people committed their bad behavior on a victim that was wrong and it was news. The media should have reported it and published it; informing the public of the very bad behavior of these public figures. None of them were too big to fail, none of them were too important to hold accountable, none of them deserved a free pass for a single act of poor judgment, especially since they all committed multiple acts.

The media let the public down because they failed to report the news that was clearly news worthy. The freedom of the press is intended for the media to watch out for the public and keep us informed of everything that’s news worthy. The serial bad behavior of people in the public eye is news and that’s what investigative reporters are supposed to pay attention to and report to the public.

Each of these people and their bad behaviors were enabled by those who failed to report it and failed to stand up to the serial molesters. As bad as their behavior was when they took advantage of other people, those who enabled them are also guilty of bad behavior; their failure to behave as they should have behaved their failure to report the story, left the door open for more victims.

Anyone who allowed that behavior to take place because the molester was too important, or too well liked, or too powerful to challenge is a low quality person who deserves the scorn of those around them.

The media is expected to speak truth to power, because that’s what freedom of the press is all about. The media is the public watchdog who keeps the people in power in check. Keep them honest by keeping us informed, tell us when they change positions on an issue, when they vote in a way different than how they said they would vote when they were elected.

We deserve to know when a big shot in the movies uses a casting couch like that was his job, we deserve to know when actors and musicians are molesting men and women for their own amusement and pleasure, we must know when politicians abuse employees professionally and sexually because they can.

The main stream media has its own agenda; they have their own narrative, they have not accepted the need for fair and balanced reporting. It’s evident in the sexual molesters that have been in the news and its especially apparent in how they are treating President Trump.

Fair and Balanced reporting in an unbiased environment, that’s their job, they aren’t doing it. As all of this unfolds in the near future, the media’s treatment of the President and the facts will be a big story of its own.

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 Credibility should be an important quality in any public figure. Whether the public figure is a mailman, a policeman, a town councilman, a mayor, or a journalist, you should have enough credibility to satisfy the public.

When an individual has credibility people believe them, when an individual has questionable credibility people don’t believe them.

Where does credibility come from? Are we born with it? Can be learn it? Can we buy it? We earn credibility over time based on how we live our lives. Life causes us to interact with people on a daily basis and that interaction causes us to earn or lose credibility. At home or at work or out with your friends you earn or lose credibility bases on how we talk to people, how we answer questions and how we do whatever it is we do to make a living.

Credibility is earned through words, deeds, and actions. As you interact with those around you, you earn a reputation for being an honest reliable person or you don’t. We all know people who are known to have credibility issues; people who promise the moon but deliver next to nothing. We also know people who are accepted as men and women who can deliver, their word is their bond. When Suzy Sunshine says it’s a don’t deal, I know it’s a done deal, she has a history of making it happen on time and within the budget. She wouldn’t say it was a done deal if she didn’t know it would happen.

When Rotten Johnnie says it’s a done deal, I’m not so sure. Rotten Johnnie has a history that shows spotty results, he’s been known to say what he thinks other people want to hear, he’s been known to stretch the truth on occasion so when he says it’s a done deal I have some doubts.

Credibility is important if you want to be an elected official, you can’t win an election if the voters don’t believe what you say. As a candidate you tell the voters that you oppose higher taxes, but last year and the year before you voted for higher taxes. Some voters would remember that and they will most likely not be fooled by you lack of credibility.

When a candidate for office says they want to control spending and reduce taxes while they’re a candidate that’s a strong reason for voters to vote for that candidate. After they get elected if they start wavering on that position, and they continue to vote for unnecessary spending that is news. The local media outlets, such as newspaper, radio, television and internet should see that as in important item and report it to the voters who expected less spending and lower taxes.

On rare occasions that will happen, but not often enough. The media picks sides. They have their own agenda. A media that was fair and impartial would report facts just as they occur. Voters would have the opportunity to look at the situation and make informed decisions. That’s what the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press was supposed to insure.

Credibility counts for everything that’s important in our lives. We have a right to the truth and the truth should be basic and bald not massaged to cloud an issue. One of the basis skills too many voters lack is comprehension. Lots of long words with obscure meaning can confuse many voters. Keep it simple and honest we deserve that.

I think two of the best things we need in the world is for every incumbent in elected office get voted out, and every news person start shoveling shit in Louisiana instead of the work they do now and new people with open minds and no agenda take over.

I know its wishful thinking but I know it will work well for us.


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Mueller vs Trump

Mueller either has something on Trump or he doesn’t. If he has something on Trump it’s either big or it’s small. That’s basically all there is to this story.

Trump knows if he and his campaign were guilty of collusion or anything dirty with Russia, or anyone else, to unlawfully cheat Hillary out of the election. Trump can be certain if it’s possible for Mueller to have something big on him, if Trump didn’t do anything it’s not possible for Mueller to have anything big on Trump. Mueller and his team, even with the corrupt media, can’t create anything big on Trump that will stick if it’s created from nothing.

Trump can’t be certain if Mueller has something small on him, because something small and immaterial can be twisted into some sort of offense. Something small that can be real or imagined can be shined up and held for public consumption as a small crime or misdemeanor worthy of impeachment. Mueller needs an impeachment to enhance his own credibility. Mueller and his team can find a crumb and serve it up to the world as a three curse meal and then blame Trump for subverting justice.

Trump and Giuliani are starting to play hardball with Mueller. Up until recently Mueller has been the David that the left and the democrats depended on to take down Goliath. Now the tide is turning, Trump, with Giuliani’s help is becoming Hercules, ready to accomplish the twelve labors.

Trump is standing before the world saying,” Come and get me! Take your best shot” and Mueller is standing in the background thinking whatever he’s thinking.

I don’t know what he has but I’m certain that it’s not anything of substance, Trump didn’t need help to win, and he wouldn’t have exposed himself so badly to any partner especially a partner like Putin. It’s unlikely in the extreme that Mueller has or can get anything of substance on Trump. If he did, it would have leaked, it always leaks.

Mueller may or may not have something small that they can use to have the effect they want. If they really did want to interview the President and if the questions they leaked to the press are true, then they’re hoping to charge Trump with Obstruction of Justice. The best this would get them is a weak case with little substance and a lot of questionable areas that won’t lead anywhere, even if the democrats do win the House in November and that’s more and more unlikely every day, the Obstruction of Justice charge would be far too weak to have any impact.

Trump and Giuliani are taking the lead, this is their challenge to Mueller, come after us or back down. Mueller is no longer David challenging Goliath with a sling shot and a rock, Mueller is now Barney Fife trying to find a bank robber.

Many on the left and the democrats still believe that the only way Trump cold have won was to cheat, they’re convinced that Hillary should have been President and she was cheated. Some on the left set up the bogus dossier as a tool to cheat Trump out of the election and insure that Hillary won. Many on the left believe the dossier is real and that it should be used to hurt Trump.

I believe that dossier was created to be used to damage the Trump campaign, but it never got any traction because it was too over the top and could not be confirmed. Now it’s an albatross around the democrats and Hillary’s necks causing more damage than good for their cause.

The facts and the timelines are coming out now showing that the investigation / spying / confidential informants, started from these fake documents, the entire Russian Collusion story was a sham, it all started from a false set of facts.

Mueller and his team must know this by now, their investigation had to discover this early. The Russian Collusion myth was a dead end early in the investigation, their continued investigation is not to seek justice but to find something they can hang Trump with.

Mueller has a very weak hand and can’t go forward with Trump and Giuliani promising to fight hard against any push Mueller tries. Knowing that he will have to support his efforts in a court while Trump and Giuliani are publicly fighting hard against him Mueller will have to have something with substance. Mueller is trying to run out the clock, he keeps digging to find the pig that he can apply some lipstick to.

At a point in time they reached the end of the trail where the evidence and the leads brought them. After that they started turning over stones looking for something, anything that would be useful.

It’s time to play hardball, Trump and Giuliani are both experienced and good at it. Mueller and his team are not.

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The NFL Blinks

A Fox News story is headlined “NFL owners are ‘f—–g terrified’ of Trump, report says”

I agree the NFL owners are terrified but not of President Trump, the answer is obvious but whoever used this quote as the headline for this story isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

President Trump voiced his opinion that the NFL should take a stand against their players who kneel during the National Anthem. The NFL suffered last season.

“After a tumultuous 2017 season, which saw NFL attendance and TV ratings drop as President Donald Trump and others criticized on-field protests by many of the league’s players, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced this week that the league would fine any team or league employee if they failed “to stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem.””

The tumultuous 2017 season wasn’t because of President Trump, the serious drop in attendance and TV viewers was because President Trump understands what the people of this country feel. They’re associating President Trump with the patriotism, with the contempt we hold for those who disrespect the flag and by association disrespect for our veterans who fight for that flag, and with the spirit of middle America. They’re right to associate him with us, but they fear those of us who are the patriots who live, work, and buy tickets in this country.

President Trump didn’t fail to buy tickets for the NFL games, President Trump didn’t refuse to watch the NFL on TV, we did; they fear us and they should fear us, we expect millionaires who play a game for a living to respect what we respect. They are absolutely free to disrespect it if they choose to, they have the same freedom of speech that we do, but there are consequences.

Spit on my flag and I’ll spit on your game, they spit on our flag all year we spit on their game all year, the NFL just blinked. The NFL is a business, it needs to make money, it needs to pay cry baby millionaires who play a game for a living millionaire money that they don’t deserve. Their bottom line took a big hit, their bottom line will take another big hit this year and next year.

The NFL owners just woke up and did what they should have done when President Trump made the Comments about shutting down any player who kneels during the anthem last year. They do enough research to understand what to advertise during their games, they know who makes up their audience, people who won’t put up with disrespect to the flag. President Trump didn’t need an analysis to tell him America wouldn’t put up with that kind of disrespect, he knew it and he stood up and said it.

President Trump is Middle America that’s why we elected him. The NFL, the media, the left, they were all afraid to stand up for what they believed because a few players felt the need to protest what was important to them. While they have the right to express themselves as they wish, it was done while they were engaged in the performance of their duties for the paycheck they receive. The employer, the NFL, can and is finally setting guidelines on what and how they can protest on company time. They should have found their intestinal fortitude sooner. It was never an issue of race; it was always an issue of patriotism. It was never an issue of freedom of speech, it was always an issue of patriotism.

Protesting the National Anthem impacts the bottom line in a serious negative manner. They’re just now figuring out that they are all getting pay cuts and some may not get a contract in the future.

President Trump was the voice, but the NFL fears the American Patriots who used to love football. The NFL spit on the flag and America spit on the NFL, America won and the NFL lost, shame on them for taking so long to smarten up. If they came around last year when President Trump recommended it, they would have had a much better year last year and this year would have been better.

The NFL is a business, they should have run it as a business, they didn’t and it hurt them badly.

Instead of fighting because they think President Trump is wrong, listen to him and compare what he says to what Joe and Jane six pack think and I bet you see he’s right, because Joe and Jane six pack think he’s right.

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Mueller will Fold

The Memo: Will Mueller play hardball with Trump?

I read this article and it describes the pros and cons of Mueller pushing the point to interview the President. Rudi Guliani and Joe DeGenova make very strong Points for the President not only to avoid testifying but to continue to push back against the investigation to get them to indict or close shop.

Mueller is a bully; bullies back down, so the answer to this is no he won’t play hard ball because he can’t win. I don’t believe he has any evidence that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia to cheat Hillary out of the Presidency; I don’t believe it because if it happened they would have discovered something to prove it and we would have heard about it in the news already. They can’t keep that big a secret.

Every time they thought that had the Holy Grail the news went crazy reporting that now they have it and now they can Impeach Trump, but every time they had to back down and admit they still had nothing.

It’s unlikely in the extreme that Trump Colluded with Russia to win the election, therefore there won’t be any evidence to prove it. They went into this investigation convinced the Trump cheated so there must be evidence! Early on they must have realized there was no evidence, they also had to realize the fake dossier is the basis for the collusion theory so they knew they were chasing ghosts. There only way out was to find something dirty to hang on Trump. Trump is a Billionaire and a Loudmouth without a filter, two of the reasons I voted for him, so I’m sure there is some dirt somewhere that they can hang on him, but that wasn’t the purpose of this investigation.

Seventeen out of twenty-two lawyers on Mueller’s team are registered democrats, those who aren’t democrats have no known political affiliation, they were motivated to hang Trump, very motivated, but they came up empty.

Mueller’s team is turning over every rock looking for that dirt. With an unlimited budget and no real oversight, they feel that they can did and dig until they get something. If this were a game of poker President Trump is holding a pair of Jacks and Mueller is holding a pair of deuces.

President Trump knows he has a strong hand and only a stronger hand can beat him. He knows there wasn’t any collusion so he’s confident that Mueller has little to nothing in his hand. Mueller has the Deep State and the resistance behind him, but they’re not a viable backup for him. When things get ugly they’ll only start pointing fingers and fail to remember anything. Mueller is the face of the investigation, he knows he has a pair of Deuces and he knows that won’t get him anywhere. There’re only two reasons he could want to question President Trump, to clarify a few points that almost certainly they don’t need very much, or to set a perjury trap.

The process of getting a subpoena for the President of the US is a process that will require some substance to justify, substance that I doubt Mueller has. I doubt he’ll go there with a weak hand.

This process started with the media holding Mueller over their shoulders as a shining knight to go slay the dragon, President Trump was the dragon. Now it’s a year later, the shine has dulled on his armor, his shield is dented and tarnished and he lost all his weapons fighting shadows. President Trump is still standing and Rudi Giuliani is fighting the knight and starting to win.

Mueller is looking for an honorable way to fold his hand and slink out of town with as little of the stink on him as possible, the Deep State and the resistance are soon to take a beating when the Inspector General’s report is released.

The tide has turned, it was everybody against Trump a year ago, but now the shift has Trump on top and the resistance in retreat. Whatever the Deep State and the resistance is, it’s partisan and political, areas not known for honor and integrity. The Inspector General’s report will identify players who followed instructions from players who were trying to keep their hands clean.

President Trump has to keep succeeding in his job as our President, and he and Rudi have to stand tall and keep shouting about the witch hunt, the public is starting to agree. It is a witch hunt and the public are agreeing it’s a witch hunt.

We may not like some of what Senator John McCain may be saying lately, but as a POW who was being tortured he never ratted out another POW or his country. Senator McCain is a sailor who embodies honor and integrity, we will not be seeing any of his qualities as the rats from the Deep State and the resistance are questioned, they will rat out every body they can to get a lighter sentence.

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The Emotional Resistance

Political discourse in today’s world is more than an examination of facts and opinions. There’re some deep emotional feelings intertwined in the process. Those on the left who have passionate negative feelings toward the President can only see evil and bad in him. When I read the facts in the news and I see how clearly the issue is in the President’s favor, I’m shocked how those on the Left see 180 degrees away from what I see.

If President Trump turned water into wine, the story wouldn’t be about a miracle it would be about how President Trump stole jobs from California vineyards and wineries. That’s how he’s treated in the media and that’s how he’s viewed by those on the left. Their emotion prevents them from seeing the facts.

They suspend facts and reason; they are searching for justification of their opinion. A great example of this is President Trump’s recent comment about MS-13 Gang members being animals, he was clearly only calling the gang members and the killers, animals, but the media and the left jumped at the chance to condemn him for that comment. The facts were irrelevant, he called immigrants animals and he must be condemned for it. The media doesn’t even want to appear to be fair, they will use anything to further their agenda, they want the President out of office or at least to fail while in office.

Most of the opposition see President Trump as a menace and a threat to the country; most of his supporters see him as an amazing President who is achieving far more in less than two years than most presidents achieve who served eight years.

The same set of facts are being interpreted in two or more ways, how is this possible? He’s an incredible President accomplishing a lot of what he promised when he campaigned for office, or he’s a menace to society. History will clearly sort this out over time. During the fifties and early sixties President Eisenhower was not thought of as such a strong President, but as time passed he become seen as a very good President with some great accomplishments.

Ike was responsible for all of our early space accomplishments, and our success in the early stages of the Cold War, he created the Interstate Highway system, not for vacationing tourists, or to improve commercial traffic, but to help the country in time of war to move men and materials across country quicker and cheaper. Lessons learned from WWII, caused him to push for and support the interstate highways. The Suez Crisis, the U2 shoot down and the end of the Korean War are some of his foreign policy accomplishments; these are some of his accomplishments that are more highly thought of now than when he left office.

Before the end of his Presidency, President Trump will be known for his accomplishments because the media’s credibility is so poor. As the story is clearly white and the media is screaming black the audience can tell the difference. Those on the left, with their emotional commitment to their own point of view, will clearly only see the black because that’s what they need to see. They will look at it through an emotional filter not a clear set of objective eyes.

It won’t take long for history to recognize these first couple of years of the Trump Presidency had some incredible accomplishments, but that’s only part of the story. These accomplishments came while there was an active, determined resistance to his Presidency in the media and in his own administration. In spite of the resistance he accomplished a lot. The resistance is made up of partisan players who were determined to make sure Hillary was elected, they knew it was going to happen because Trump was so evil no one would vote for him. They all recognized that Trump couldn’t win but they were worried that Hillary could lose. The resistance did what they could to prop up Hillary and hold back Trump. The election did not take place on a level playing field.

The field was tilted in Hillary’s favor, but Trump still won, so they had to run interference against Trump to make sure his was either an illegitimate presidency or a failed one. It’s possible that it was a carefully planned and focused operation or different players from different areas just piled on doing whatever possible to throw road blocks in the President’s path.

There was even mention of an insurance plan, in case the unthinkable happened. It appears that the resistance is or is part of the insurance plan.

The media has abandoned its position as the public watchdog. They have no interest in being fair and impartial, they only want to embolden or assist the resistance. The facts are in front of them, they are clear and the contrast is black and white, there’s very little grey. Their emotion is in the way; they can’t see the facts in front of them. They refuse to see right and wrong, they only see what they feel supports their love, their emotion for the point of view that they have, that president Trump is a hate filled racist, who is incapable of being President.

They’ll have to face the fact that the House and Senate both investigated and the results from both investigations will not match what the narrative they have been trying to present to the country. The Inspector General’s report will be even more devastating. Members of the resistance will take a few hits in the public’s eye as well as in the court system, possibly even serve jail time. The media will have a difficult time explaining this, but they will have to and when they try to spin it as a negative for President Trump they’ll lose the last scraps of credibility that they have.

As the President is more and more successful and the threads of the Mueller investigation continue to unravel the public will see the truth. While the FBI stonewalling of the House Subpoenas finally gets to the end of the rope and they have to produce the evidence, and the impending IG Report is released, the resistance will get weaker and weaker. The media will be forced, reluctantly and slanted, but reported to the world as it happens. The media will be the unindicted coconspirators of the resistance, explaining their role as their former unnamed Senior Justice Department or FBI source for the resistance version of the narrative over the past year and a half will be difficult.

Members of the resistance are not honorable or noble people; they will fight over gets to rat out other members of the resistance first. They will admit how they used the media as the puppets and trolls they are to assist them do their best to damage our President. It won’t be pretty, and I can’t wait to see it happen.

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Credibility is the quality of being believed or trusted. How much credibility can the media and the left get by tying to shoot down everything the President does. President Trump is experiencing a great deal of success and he is achieving a lot, but the left and the media are sniping at his heels over nonsense.

The tax bill that passed this year lowers taxes for everyone, but reduces the deduction for state taxes, that does provide an inconvenience for the high tax states. Revenues at both the Federal and State levels are rising, the unemployment rate is still going down. During the Obama years the unemployment rate went down but the workforce participation rate went down as well. With fewer people looking for jobs the unemployment rate when down without new jobs and more people working. In the Trump years more than one million people went back into the workforce and the unemployment rate still went down. The corporate tax breaks caused the creation of more jobs and more people are working, earning money and paying taxes. The media and the left are criticizing the tax bill because it gives a tax break to the wealthy; The wealthy pay more taxes than all of us, they will always get a break when taxes are lowered, but that is a good thing, they have the money to spend and invest, their tax breaks are a big reason more money is invested and more jobs are created.

North Korea released three men who were detained. As talks approach with South Korea, North Korea, and the USA North Korea released these three hostages in a show of good faith. This positive step in relations with an aggressive potential nuclear power, President Trump has been criticized and chastised for how he’s talked to and about North Korea. Significant progress has been made in relations between North Korea and the USA, because of President Trump, but the media only criticizes him for his tone, his language and his attitude.

He moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, that was a promise that he made while campaigning for office, but he did it, previous Presidents promised it but failed to deliver. That was a big step forward in Middle East Peace.

At what point does the media lose all credibility for failing to report the facts. The media is still screaming how he isn’t fit for the office, they still scream about how he’s an embarrassment, but he keeps moving forward and achieving real results.

As we approach the mid-term elections, there’s going to be a great deal of coverage on the performance of the republican party and the President, that coverage will almost certainly not be positive and encouraging. The success of the President and his Administration will be obvious and it will be reported by some organizations. President Trump will Tweet his accomplishments regularly. Republican Candidates will use that success in their campaigns, Democrat candidates will argue the success and the facts, but the facts will be the facts and can be supported. Failing to report accurately will be very obvious, their failure to report accurately will be a topic of discussion in this election, Credibility will be an issue.

The amount of success the President is achieving and the piss ant media sniping at his heels doesn’t give the media much credibility, those people who haven’t already lose faith with the media will lose it during this election because the contrast is going to be so stark. It’s going to be more black and white and less gray.

More candidates that are not from the political class will be running for office. More of them will win, more will be in office. Much of President Trump’s success comes from his “outsider” Experience and so will theirs.

The credibility of the media and the democrats will be big news as this year’s campaigns progress. You can’t shine shit! The media’s credibility has been shit for many years and it’s has dropped since President Trump was elected.

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