Bill Clinton and Me Too

Bill Clinton and the Me Too Movement

I’ve read several articles lately that explain how poor Bill Clinton is being hounded by his bad behavior more than 20 years ago and while he was in office. Bill Clinton is finally getting the chastising that he’s deserved for years.

It’s a shame that it took so many years for his bad behavior to be recognized for the bad behavior that it was. As it happened it was bad behavior and unacceptable to almost every person in this country.

It was news that was never reported, or it was news that was explained away as acceptable. Walking up to a stranger and slapping them is wrong, it always has been. Any sexual relationship between a married senior executive in an organization and a female who is younger and subordinate to and not the senior executive’s spouse is wrong, these things have always been wrong. Nothing has changed about the bad behavior, it’s always been wrong, but what has changed is how the news is reported.

Anita Hill was in the news in 1991 because she accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. The problem was the alleged harassment occurred about ten years prior to her accusation and the witnesses and the facts didn’t all hold together for a clear picture, there were holes in the story.

This was big news and the hearings were televised and held the countries attention for about a week. Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court to replace Thurgood Marshall the first Black Justice on the Supreme Court. Thurgood Marshall was a left wing liberal and was acceptable as that, but Clarence Thomas was a right wind conservative and was not acceptable as a replacement for Thurgood Marshall.

At the time it seemed to me that ideology superseded skin color. The left was not happy that Clarence Thomas was the nominee, they were resisting his appointment. Anita Hill was either pushed into making this allegation or she felt she needed to come forward on her own, but either way she did and the whole story came out publicly.

Anita Hill’s story revealed that Clarence Thomas had discussed sexual acts in front of her, he watched sexual acts on video in front of her, there was even an incident with a Coke can and a pubic hair. Clarence Thomas also allegedly repeatedly asked Ms. Hill out during their years working together. Clarence Thomas denied the entire allegation but was eventually Confirmed to the Supreme Court.

The information and the tone of the news in 1991 was that Anita Hill was the victim and Clarence Thomas was guilty of serious bad behavior. The evidence was questionable, the accusation didn’t come in real time, the evidence came just in time to accuse a man that the left didn’t want confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Whilly, and Monica Lewinski, all made allegations against President Clinton which he quickly denied. However, the evidence backed the allegations so he had to back track his denials and eventually admit that he did have inappropriate relationships with some of them.

The media, the left, the public watchdogs, didn’t use the same tone they used for Clarence Thomas, their standard of guilt was much different for Thomas than for Clinton. The accusation was enough for Thomas to be guilty, he was wrong and Anita Hill was right. The Clinton team attacked all the accusers and made them all out to be, whores and sluts taking advantage of the President.

Bill Clinton was not wrong, he was entitled to his sexual life that was private and not public, it had nothing to do with how he did his job. Bill Clinton was acceptable, but his accusers were not.

Recently Harvey Weinstien, Kevin Spacy, Bill Cosby, and Eric Schneiderman among many others are accused of their own bad behavior. Their bad behavior goes back decades and was as deplorable when it occurred as it is deplorable today.

Bad behavior is bad behavior regardless of who committed the bad behavior, the first time these people committed their bad behavior on a victim that was wrong and it was news. The media should have reported it and published it; informing the public of the very bad behavior of these public figures. None of them were too big to fail, none of them were too important to hold accountable, none of them deserved a free pass for a single act of poor judgment, especially since they all committed multiple acts.

The media let the public down because they failed to report the news that was clearly news worthy. The freedom of the press is intended for the media to watch out for the public and keep us informed of everything that’s news worthy. The serial bad behavior of people in the public eye is news and that’s what investigative reporters are supposed to pay attention to and report to the public.

Each of these people and their bad behaviors were enabled by those who failed to report it and failed to stand up to the serial molesters. As bad as their behavior was when they took advantage of other people, those who enabled them are also guilty of bad behavior; their failure to behave as they should have behaved their failure to report the story, left the door open for more victims.

Anyone who allowed that behavior to take place because the molester was too important, or too well liked, or too powerful to challenge is a low quality person who deserves the scorn of those around them.

The media is expected to speak truth to power, because that’s what freedom of the press is all about. The media is the public watchdog who keeps the people in power in check. Keep them honest by keeping us informed, tell us when they change positions on an issue, when they vote in a way different than how they said they would vote when they were elected.

We deserve to know when a big shot in the movies uses a casting couch like that was his job, we deserve to know when actors and musicians are molesting men and women for their own amusement and pleasure, we must know when politicians abuse employees professionally and sexually because they can.

The main stream media has its own agenda; they have their own narrative, they have not accepted the need for fair and balanced reporting. It’s evident in the sexual molesters that have been in the news and its especially apparent in how they are treating President Trump.

Fair and Balanced reporting in an unbiased environment, that’s their job, they aren’t doing it. As all of this unfolds in the near future, the media’s treatment of the President and the facts will be a big story of its own.

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