The Political Class and the Media

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The political class is getting smaller; some are going to jail for financial or sexual misdeeds, some are retiring, and some are being elected out of office. These are baby steps, good baby steps but nothing like the real steps of progress we need.

Most taxpayers and voters are in favor term limits, but the office holders themselves, the men and women who represent us the taxpayers and voters are against term limits.

Public Service is the business of supplying an essential commodity, as gas or electricity, or a service, to the public or government employment; civil service. Elected officials are public servants, they are in office to make life better for the taxpayer and the voter.

Too many public servants are more interested in taking care of themselves and their campaign donors than taking care of those of us who put them into office. It’s a rare occasion when the taxpayers or the voters decide who will run for office for a given party; that’s usually a decision made by the party hacks at the political party headquarters with input or direction from the big money donors.

It’s not always as stark a comparison as we saw in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” The young and Idealistic Senator Jefferson Smith who was young, naïve, and full of optimism; and Senator Joseph Paine who was part of the institution that was run by the Political Boss and not the people. As these two bump heads over right and wrong we saw how powerful the political class can be. We were finally brought to a climatic ending on the floor of the Senate where good did beat evil.

Some are as corrupt and selfish as Senator Joe Paine without his final pangs of guilt, but few are as innocent and naïve as Senator Jefferson Smith. The honorable men and women who take a couple of years out of their successful lives to serve their communities are long gone, if they ever existed. Politicians get in office and then we can’t get them out. They lie, misrepresent the truth, and twist facts to their own advantage. They are like rats and roaches, once you have them getting rid of them is difficult.

Now we need to add the media into the mix. When the media acts as the public watchdog and does their job with a minimum level of ethics and a sense of fair play, which we haven’t seen since God Knows when, the public watchdog would hold politicians accountable for their weasel words.

A fair and impartial media would pay attention to every politician’s remarks and when a politician that promised while campaigning they would fight against a tax hike, but voted for a tax hike while in office, that would be big news and would be reported. Our politicians lie, cheat, and steal because we let them. No one is watching them, no one cares what they’re doing because they’re part of the political class.

Recently the Attorney General of New York resigned from office because several women came forward with charges that he mistreated them sexually. It appears that his poor treatment of women was well known, it was accepted because he was “an import democratic politician” One victim was talked out of coming forward because this slug was too important to too many people. His sexual offenses are just as offensive as if they were committed by an ex-convict living in your community who abuse the mayor’s adult daughter. However severely the community would investigate and prosecute the ex-convict, the system should be more severe with a public servant. Yes, I believe that the act of self-sacrifice and public service requires you to live to a higher standard.

We let the political class take advantage of us. We the People forget that they derive their power from us the People. They think they’re in power and in charge, they think they make decisions and do what we want for us. They have taken over and we’re their subjects.

The political class doesn’t like President Trump because he’s his own man, he acts like he’s a businessman getting things done and satisfying his customers in the process. If President Trump thinks of the US Government as his business, and he sees the taxpayers and voters as his customer base, that’s not a bad thing. The US Government should be working for us; it should be working in our best interests. The government has deteriorated into a political class that takes care of the voter and tax payer as it takes care of itself better. Our needs and concerns are secondary to their needs. They only need and want our votes, so we’re manipulated to vote for them.

We need more candidates like President Trump, we need more candidates who are motivated to be public servants, not politicians. Our politicians do, on occasion go in clean, but after a while they get dirty and should be recycled. There’s no reason why anyone should object to term limits. There’s no reason why a limit of two, 2-year terms wouldn’t be acceptable to any reasonable person. The only people who would object to term limits are those who are in office to make money and get rich.

Without a public watchdog, as the media was intended to be, we don’t have a critical eye on the lies public figures tell us. A fair and impartial media would investigate corruption and malfeasance in office and make big headlines about it. A fair and impartial media would investigate and report the sexual misconduct of an important political figure of any party because that’s big news. A fair and impartial media would investigate and report the misrepresentations made by political campaigns to keep a level playing field and warn us about the lies from the campaigners.

We need more public servants who are true public servants; we don’t need or want the political class. Anyone in office for a third time is part of the political class and must go. Vote them out.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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