The Current Scandal


What we’re seeing unfold is a scandal on a scale that will make Watergate look like a speeding ticket. The Justice Department, The FBI, the State Department, as well as President Obama himself seem to be involved, but the list is almost certainly not complete yet.

There is a clear and most likely coordinated effort to first prevent President Trump from getting elected and then to chase him out of office. Every day more and more evidence is released and the details get more and more outrageous. A second dossier is now identified where a State Department Official was fed information from Sidney Blumenthal, A lifelong Clinton lacky, with a separate list of alleged offenses committed by President Trump while dealing with the Russians.

Notice how all the evidence that condemns President Trump originates from the Clinton Campaign? No one has ever produced any independent evidence that there was any collusion with Russia other than the bogus information generated by the Clinton campaign.

There is another issue that should be discussed, who hacked the emails from John Podesta? It has never been proven who hacked them. Julian Assange of Wikileaks says he didn’t get the emails from a Russian, they were hacked but no one has proven who did it.

The Clinton email scandal, the Uranium One scandal, and the meeting on the tarmac between President Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch are all pieces of a dirty puzzle that goes along with the scandal to discredit President Trump. The corruption of the US government, maybe not a cabal, but enough senior people at senior levels to toss aside honor and integrity to push a political agenda that they were sympathetic to.

The misuse of the government for political purposes didn’t start with the 2016 election, it started almost as soon as the Obama Administration took office.

Let’s not forget that in 2013 The Obama Justice Department tapped phone records of reporters to allegedly track leaks involving a terrorist threat.

Wikipeadea states “Some analysts have described the Justice Department’s actions as “aggressive investigative methods “that have a chilling effect on news organizations’ ability to play a watchdog role. Fox News Contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano commented: “This is the first time that the federal government has moved to this level of taking ordinary, reasonable, traditional, lawful reporter skills and claiming they constitute criminal behavior.””

There was also the IRS targeting of Conservative groups and harassing them. Doesn’t it follow a familiar path? Emails were lost hard drives destroyed and the investigation was inconclusive despite the mountains of evidence that was already made public.

Another issue was Fast and Furious which was a ATF program where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered in Arizona in Dec. 2010. Two weapons that were sold through Fast and Furious were found at the scene. They had been purposely sold to gun traffickers in a program hatched by the Obama Administration. Ultimately Attorney General Eric Holder was held in contempt for failing to comply with subpoenas.

Shortly after General Flynn resigned we discovered Samantha Powers the UN Ambassador made about 260 unmasking requests in the final months of the Obama Administration, even in the last few days before the inauguration of President Trump. Unmasking is the process of identifying the names and information of collateral communication from an intelligence wiretap. For example, if you had a wiretap approved by a judge for a person named Carter Page and one of the phone calls he made or received was to someone named Michael Flynn, then you can unmask Michael Flynn and get a transcript of that communication. 260 requests in less than a year from the UN Ambassador, does that sound strange? I think so.

From the beginning the Obama Administration used the government for its own political purposes and almost certainly violated lots of laws. Had that happened during a Republican Administration the Main Stream Media would have practiced their skill and investigated, reported and informed the public. That didn’t happen because the Main Stream Media stopped being the watchdog for the common man and started being the echo chamber for the Administration. In some cases, I expect to see where they aided and abetted the criminals and their felonies.

Some have been referring to them as the Deep State and that works for me, so I’ll use it too. The Deep State is in early phases of being exposed and convicted. Most of the members of the Deep State are life long government employees in senior positions with pensions on the line.

Each one will fold like a cheap suit. They did dirty for the wrong reasons and there are too many paper trails and electronic trails for them not to be exposed. There will be a race to rat out someone before they rat you out. Andrew McCabe’s sudden departure from the FBI is a sure sign that the scandal is real, and Congress has the evidence to convict them.

The FBI’s Inspector General is doing their own investigation and there is no reason to expect them to cover anything up, so when that comes out we should see some more good evidence. We are in the very early days of this scandal; the rats are still working hard at covering their tracks.

The Watergate breaking happened on June 17, 1972 and President Nixon resigned on August 5, 1974. Just over two years, and just as a reminder it was the coverup that sent everyone to jail; only the burglars went to jail for the burglary.

They have just discovered that the ship is taking on water. As the first rat jumped ship, Andrew McCabe, what and who did he sell out to maintain his pension? More rats are jumping ship

Today’s big news is that President Trump asked the Democrats to rewrite the letter that want released to discredit the Nunes letter. He asked them to rewrite it because they disclosed too many sources and processes that should not be released, President Trump did not redact the letter and leave it open to suspicion that he redacted the letter to prevent the public from seeing anything that would disprove the Nunes letter. The ball is still in the Democrats court, they must provide facts to disprove the Nunes letter not smoke and mirrors shouted in a loud shrill voice.

The main stream media is doing its best to discredit the Nunes Letter and prop up the Deep State and the Democrats, but they are boxed in a corner with the facts. There are going to be arrests, there will be hearings and trials, people will go to jail, others will testify and confirm the Nunes letter and the other evidence that has not been released yet.

It will be reluctant and grudging, but the main stream media will have to report the facts not the narrative assigned to them by the Democrats and the Deep State.

There will be a point in time that we may have to consider how the ladies on the View will deal with reality, I’m considering sending them some support monkeys to help them cope!



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