Grand Jury and Indictments

The Mueller investigation has convinced a Grand Jury to indict someone for something, this information was leaked by the Mueller team. They specifically want everyone to know that they accomplished something but they don’t want us to know what they accomplished yet.
The left and the media (which are really the same group of people) are convinced they have the smoking gun that President Trump only won the election because the Russians manipulated the vote and unfairly caused Hillary to lose.

John T. Bennett of Roll Call published an article that identifies 5 possibilities and that seems consistent with what I’ve seen elsewhere.

Paul Manafort is one clear possibility and that’s probably the most likely possibility since the team’s been playing hard ball with him from the beginning hoping to get his balls in a vice and get him to rat out President Trump and his campaign. In the last few days we discovered that Manafort was involved with the Russians and the Podesta group at the same time. Is that when he had questionable dealings with the Russians? Did he engage in some questionable money manipulation such a money laundering, prior to his association with the Trump campaign? Did he lie to federal agents when was asked a question and is that the crime?

That’s what happened to Scooter Libby, Vice President Dick Chenny’s Chief of Staff during the Valerie Plame Affaire, when the left was trying to blame the Bush administration that they released her name to the public. Scooter Libby was vigorously prosecuted for lying or misleading the investigators during their investigation. He was not guilty of what they were investigating, but he was tried for perjury and even that was questionable. This can be another case of perjury and not collusion.

General Michael Flynn is another candidate for indictment. He has had a great deal of contact with Russians and Turks and other foreign nationals, but then again he was, for a short time the National Security Advisor to the President. Could his contacts with foreign nationals crossed a line? Will this tie President Trump to collusion with the Russians? Unlikely but that’s what’s hoped.

Carter Page has been involved in the energy industry and has worked closely with President Trump during the campaign. Again he may have had ties with Russians over the years and there could be a lone crossed, but again will this provide a smoking gun for Collusion between the Russians and President Trump, Still unlikely. 

Another possibility is Jared Kushner or Donald Trump Jr. are indicted for attending the meeting with a lawyer who offered dirt on Hillary but discussed orphans and lawyers. The left wet themselves over this scenario thinking that they finally had the smoking gun but this was a large empty hole for them.

The person offering the meeting knew the Trump family through the entertainment business, and they offered a meeting with a lawyer who said she had dirt on Hillary. The meeting was arranged but no dirt was forthcoming so the meeting ended quickly. 

Some details that cause this to bring them so much hope that there was something there was that the lawyer worked in the Crown Prosecutors office, this made those who want to believe it was more sinister than it was is that this is where they get a connection to the Kremlin, she did not work for a Crown Prosecutor’s office. Another Russian lawyer was present at the meeting but what was said is not relevant to the story.

Again if one of the Trump family is indicted it won’t be for the collusion it will be for perjury or some other non-related issue that is more noise than substance.

There is nothing to the Russian collusion story between the Trump Campaign and the Russians, it was a figment of Hillary’s imagination to help her accept the loss. There is a lot of involvement between Russia and the DNC and Hillary, it’s possible the indictment involves someone outs side the Trump circle and more inside the Hillary circle.

My first bet is that the indictment is a perjury indictment similar to the Scooter Libby indictment, my second bet is Paul Manafort and his dirt dealing with currency separate from the Trump Campaign or his work while dealing with the Podesta Group.

It’s far more likely that Hillary will be more nervous from this indictment than President Trump.


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