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The Public Watchdog and the Low Information Voter

  Watchdog journalism is when the press reports clearly and accurately the events going on in the world. Journalist report the news of local, state, national, and international events and they became the eyes and ears of the people. The … Continue reading

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The Opposition is out of Touch

  Pat Buchanan has an excellent article called “The Impeach-Trump Conspiracy” The opposition and in this case, it’s the democrats, the media, and the Never Trumpers are so incensed that Trump won the election they are trying to undo … Continue reading

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The Cowboy Code

As I’m getting older I’ve been reading westerns, especially those written by Louis L’Amour. Cowboys and Cowgirls lived good decent lives. And they lived by a simple code that guided them through life: Live each day with courage Ride for … Continue reading

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