Hillary and Watergate

Email scandal proves Hillary learned wrong lessons from Nixon and Watergate
This Halloween is the haunting of Hillary, where her final political act could well be a ghostly spectre of her first political act, which happened some 40 years ago. She was just a year out of Yale Law School, when she went to work for House Judiciary Committee. 

Her job? Investigating President Nixon’s involvement in the break in of Democratic National Committee Watergate headquarters just before his 1972 landslide reelection, and the cover-up that followed.  

K T McFarland postulates that Hillary learned the wrong lesson from Watergate. She was on the Committee as a young lawyer. One philosophy was that if Nixon destroyed the tapes, and that was all the evidence that was available then he could have survived the investigation.

Destroy all the evidence and then you can get away with anything. That is a lesson to be learned.

Another philosophy which is slightly different from destroy all the evidence, is to control all communications to prevent any accountability for anything.

These seem t\o be the lessons that Hillary learned from Watergate. 

Don’t break the law. Be ethical and honest in all of your professional dealings with others. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Are the lessons she should have learned. 

But she didn’t!!

Trump will win Big!




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