Ethics, Voting, and Golf

Poll: Voters Have Concerns Over Election Security

Over the past few years there have been a lot of attempts to require photo ID for voting. The left has been fighting tooth and nail against requiring the IDs, their reasons are so bogus and unbelievable that many of us accept their reasons for objecting is to facilitate fraudulent voting.

What if we are wrong and their objections are honest and real. Their credibility is so poor over time and over issues that taking them at their word isn’t possible.

Trump is doing the right thing by screaming to the high heavens that there is a strong likelihood that there will be voter fraud. As many eyes on the situation as possible will make it more and more difficult to commit enough fraud to make a difference.

My opinion is that on Wednesday morning Trump refusing to accept the result is less likely than Hillary refusing to accept the results. She rigged the results for her to win, but when she doesn’t win she’s going to scream to the high heavens that she was robbed.

This Golf Ethics Lesson is a perfect example of what we are talking about

A golf ethics lesson

What if you were playing in the club championship tournament finals and the match was halved at the end of 17 holes. You had the honor and hit your ball a modest two hundred fifty yards to the middle of the fairway, leaving a simple six iron to the pin. Your opponent then hits his ball, lofting it deep into the woods to the right of the fairway. Being the golfing gentleman that you are, you help your opponent look for his ball. Just before the permitted five minute search period ends, your opponent says: “Go ahead and hit your second shot and if I don’t find it in time, I’ll concede the match.” You hit your ball, landing it on the green, stopping about ten feet from the pin. About the time your ball comes to rest, you hear your opponent exclaim from deep in the woods: “I found it!”.

The second sound you hear is a click, the sound of a club striking a ball and the ball comes sailing out of the woods and lands on the green, stopping no more than six inches from the hole. Now here is the ethical dilemma: Do you pull the cheating bastard’s ball out of your pocket and confront him with it or do you keep your mouth shut?

Trump is the one in the woods and Hillary has the ball in her pocket.

No wonder we have so little confidence in the their protestations of honest voting.

Recent voter ID laws have been controversial. In August, the Supreme Court refused to allow a North Carolina photo ID law to be enforced during this fall’s elections. A federal court ruling in Texas forced the state to change its law so that citizens can vote without a required photo ID as long as they sign an affidavit stating why they couldn’t get one. 

Concerns over voter fraud split along party line. Sixty-four percent of Republicans said they were very concerned about fraudulent votes being cast, compared to 26 percent of Democrats.

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