The Media is Trying to Change the Facts

Pat Caddell: NBC/WSJ Poll ‘Unprecedented and Unethical,’ Intended to Push ‘Trump Is Done’ Narrative


This shows the length the media is going to in their efforts to shape the news. This is a poll deliberately designed to reinforce the narrative that they wanted to report. It’s over, Trump is out of it, the open mike catching him acting boorish and offensive was supposed to knock him out of the race because Hillary and her trained monkeys in the media said so.

Too many voters are low information voters, they are easily led and misled. Creating a poll to reinforce the narrative you want to use is easy to do. That’s a big reason not to believe the polls.


NBCNews reported the polling, relying on two sets of data, before and after the last presidential debate, and some of it was already released, as noted:

The new data interviews that were conducted after Sunday night’s debate. Poll data released by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal on Monday, which only included interviews conducted before the debate, showed Clinton with a [sic] 11-point lead in a four-way contest and a 14-point lead in a head-to-head matchup.

Among only those respondents contacted after the debate, Clinton’s lead shrank to a seven-point advantage in both a four-way matchup and in a head-to-head race — reflecting the same margin that Clinton showed in a mid-September NBC/WSJ poll.

Caddell said, “They did this for the purpose of taking control and supporting a narrative that was built starting Friday in the mainstream media, which was that Trump is done,” following release of a recent controversial open mic episode.

Hillary is an unlikable candidate who has nothing positive to offer. She only attacks Trump. She can’t draw a large crowd anywhere she goes for an event. Trump and Pence draw overflow crowds everywhere they go. They have a plan that will impact jobs and paychecks. The economy is the biggest issue in this election.

Most of these polls are telling us the sky is red and the sun rises in the south. That may convince the low information voter but I know the sky is blue and the sun rises in the east, I will NOT believe these polls, they conflict with what I can see with my own eyes.

The credibility of the media is shrinking to new lows!

Trump will win big!!

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