How Trump’s Tax plan works

Stephen Moore: Hillary’s False Charges Of ‘Trickle-Down Economics’


This is a great article that explains Trump’s tax plan and how it will impact the econpmy it also explains why the democrats hate it!

The table shows that the Trump tax plan causes a rise of after-tax income by about ‎$4,000 for the average middle class household, while the Hillary plan shrinks incomes.

What Hillary isn’t telling you is that she and her liberal friends are against tax cuts, because they want to spend the money on free … everything. This includes the silliest idea of all time: hundreds of billions for 500 million solar panels. Get ready for a cascade of dozens of new Solyndras. How much money is going to go to Elon Musk from this corporate welfare giveaway.  It could be in the tens of billions of dollars.

So just who’s policies benefit the rich and the political class?

Hillary is offering the American people trickle-down government.

When has that ever worked?

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