Trump Convinces Marginal Voters

The problem with Hillary’s speech: It’s all ‘me,’


Hillary is having trouble drawing the voters from the Sanders supporters. Now that she has the nomination she can’t convince those who opposed her in the past to change sides and support her.

Mr. Nemick hits the nail on the head when he says that this election is all about her. She never articulates why we should vote for her. The only thing she says she’ll do is raise taxes and increase the estate taxes. Her ads are all attack adds not a message telling us why we should vote for her. She begs us all to vote against Trump but nothing about why we should vote for her.

Nathan Nemick voted for Bernie Sanders in the Pennsylvania primary, but the young Democrat can’t support the Democrat who won the nomination, Hillary Clinton.

“Her campaign is all about her, and there is nothing about what she has done in her years in politics that has any concrete value for me,” the 33-year-old says. He’s voting for Donald Trump.


Did Donald Trump deconstruct Hillary Clinton with marginal voters?


Michael Barone makes a crucial point in this article. Hillary did nothing in the debate to convince a large enough percentage of minority or millennials to vote for her. For her to win she needs a similar turn out and enthusiasm from her supporters that Obama had.

She can’t fill a small gymnasium with supporters in any of the battleground states. She can’t get the voters excited to vote for her. Trump gets some of his supporters excited about voting for him and some of Trump’s supporters are excited about voting against her.

Overall, as I wrote on debate night, I think Clinton won the debate. Perhaps that reflects a professional writer’s prejudice in favor of people who speak, more or less, in whole sentences and paragraphs, and prejudice against those who engage in free-form, parenthetical-filled, free-association discourse. Or perhaps a former political consultant’s bias in favor of candidates who are well prepared. But on reflection and looking over the transcript, I think Trump did a fairly good job of discouraging marginal voters from voting for Clinton, more than I appreciated as I watched the debate.

Trump is going to win BIG!


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