Trump Gains in Florida

Clinton campaign in ‘panic mode’ over Florida black voters 

Hillary is having a problem in Florida. She needs to win the state but Trump is beating her. She and her campaign feel that they have an edge with minority voters, both black and Hispanic. The problem is the numbers won’t work out in her favor. She gets a majority of each group but she doesn’t get enough. Trump gets a much bigger majority of those who are not in a minority group.


The millennials and the minorities are not excited by her. They would rather not vote or vote for someone else rather than her.


You can hang something shiny or something that sparkles on a hook in order to catch a fish, but nothing that shines or sparkles will get them to vote for a dishonest unlikeable old lady.


Part of the problem Clinton faces is that Obama, the actual black president, is the toughest of acts to follow. Obama enjoyed support from 95 percent of Florida’s black voters in both 2012 and 2008, according to exit polls.

Clinton isn’t polling quite that well in a state that has nearly 1.7 million black voters. An average of the last three Florida polls that provided racial breakdowns shows she’s polling less than 85 percent among African-American voters in Florida, while Trump polls around 5 percent.

It’s not just Clinton’s margins with black voters that concerns Democrats. It’s whether African-American voters turn out in force for her in a pivotal state whose 29 electoral votes are essential to the GOP nominee’s path to an Electoral College victory. A loss in Florida all but guarantees a Trump defeat on Election Day.

Clinton faces a similar potential problem with Hispanic voters. Though Florida Hispanics back her by double-digit margins similar to the level of support Obama enjoyed, activists fear their turnout rate will be lower. Hispanics account for more than 15 percent of the Florida voter rolls and African-Americans are more than 13 percent. About 65 percent of registered voters are non-Hispanic white, and they heavily favor Trump.



10,000 gather for Donald Trump rally in Central Florida 

Trump draws a Rock Star sized crowd in Florida; Hillary has trouble finning small school gyms. This is the enthusiasm gap that will cause him to win.

The countries is tired of long term politicians who come into office broke and leave worth millions but don’t do anything to make it better for the taxpayers.

That’s why Trump draws thousands and Hillary can’t fill a small room.


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