Trump Moving Forward


Trump critics don’t believe in math

Trump is pulling ahead in many of the battle ground states and may even pull in some blue states.


If Not Trump, Who Will Cure the Rot?

This article explains why Rahm Emanuel can’t do what he knows will work because it isn’t politically correct and will offend his liberal friends. The murder rate in Chicago is off the charts and the only successful way to stop it is with a program like stop and frisk. Donald Trump has said that’s the best approach and the liberals in the press chastised him like he was some kind of backward child.

At bottom, it’s this rottenness of American political culture that allows Mr. Trump, for all his flaws as a candidate and human being, to find traction with so many voters. Not because he’s a uniquely attractive individual, but because he’s uniquely willing to violate the political taboos and challenge the status quo. Indeed, his most insidious offense may be his suggestion that some problems aren’t intractable.

That’s what Trump offers the voters he’s new and different. He’s not politically correct, he doesn’t buy into their taboos. They use the term wrecking ball and that’s what we need.

Not every problem can be solved with a modest policy tweak. Sometimes a wrecking ball is needed. Pollsters, in a moment of insight, have lately taken to describing the Trump voter as a compos mentis risktaker open to a high-risk, high-reward gamble.

This seems to get it about right. What kind of president would Mr. Trump make? We have no idea and there may be only one way to find out. But, whatever the case, America has deep problems of bureaucratic corruption, sterility and incompetence that increasingly argue for a wrecking ball.


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