More Bad News for Hillary

When will millennials start liking Hillary Clinton?


The Washington post goes through such gyrations to explain why millennials are not polling well for Hillary and actually going to the third party candidates instead of her. They also go into detail to explain that they feel safe because they are convinced that Hillary will vote for the Libertarian candidate instead of Hillary because the it’s safe, It’s supposed to be safe because Hillary is going to win anyway.

They blame the millennials for voting as they wish because they can. They blame the third party candidates because they are stealing votes form Hillary. Did they miss the point? The millennials are going to the Libertarian candidate not the Green candidate. Trump isn’t having that problem only Hillary is.

Voters of all ages of all races and of all sexes are not voting for Hillary because Hillary is a terrible candidate.

Could it be her credibility? A large percentage of voters think she can’t be trusted because of all of her lies, could that be why they won’t vote for her?


Short Hillary wanted to debate tall Trump on a STEP STOOL – but was turned down – and she won’t get commercial breaks for coughing fits or fainting spells Hillary was trying to get an assist from the debate to make her look bigger than she is. Is this more deception on her part?


Hillary was trying to get an assist from the debate to make her look bigger than she is. Is this more deception on her part?


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