How Well Will She Debate?

Can the debates save Clinton? 

The following is a quote from the article. They are identifying her strengths, such as her skills as a debater. I never saw her skills as a debater, and I don’t think she can present an argument that will persuade anyone who is already convinced to vote for Trump to now vote for her. First she is a known liar; all the deception and lies she has already been caught in will work against her in the debates.

I don’t think that will be a factor in the debates. When Trump speaks about his plans for taxes and jobs, Hillary can only say that Trumps is a dirty rotten bastard, she can’t challenge him on the facts. All she can do Is promise more of the same and the voters are tired of the same.

All she can do it try to goad Trump into attacking her.

They consider it an advantage that Gary Johnson is not in the debate. As the Libertarian candidate he shouldn’t compete for support from the Liberal democrat candidate, but he does. A large number of the Sanders supporters who refuse to support Clinton will support Johnson. With or without him in the debate the opportunity will be there for voters to leave her and go to Johnson if they get tired of her attacking Trump without offering and solutions of her own.

In Clinton’s favor, however, is the fact of her superior debating skill, honed over a long electoral career. She especially knows how to handle herself against a single opponent for 90 minutes on stage. That is not the case with Trump, whose sketchy knowledge of world affairs was concealed by his limited talk time in the crowded Republican primary debates.

Clinton is also helped by Gary Johnson’s exclusion. The libertarian candidate has cut into Clinton’s lead with younger voters, but he failed to reach the requisite 15 percent in public polling. Johnson may yet make it into the second or third debate, depending on future polling, but for now he’s been denied a national TV audience.



Do Presidential Debates Change the Polls?

Regardless of what happens in the debates the race will be determined by the totality of the candidates and their presentation to the voters over time.

The data show that while individual debates can shift the polls, the debate season (which includes all three presidential debates, the vice presidential debate and the media coverage surrounding them) typically doesn’t change the state of the race very much.


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