Hillary’s Poll Numbers Drop

Why Her Poll Decline Could Be Good News for Clinton


This article says that since Hillary had such a bad week and she is only trailing Trump by a little bit that is somehow good news for her. I think that with all of the propping up the media has been giving her over Trump I’m surprised it took this much bad news that the Media couldn’t cover up to finally get them close.

The voters are convinced the country is going in the wrong direction, the voters want new leadership, even if it’s Trump.

The big news in the quote I included is the number of undecideds. Undecided voters who have not made up their mind will always go to the newcomer not the incumbent. Trump is clearly the new comer, and Hillary has been part of this administration and the administration is pushing for her. Anyone who has not made up their mind for Hillary by now will not, they will almost certainly vote for Trump but some will not vote at all and that will work in Trump’s favor.

Trump’s supporters are motivated and they can’t wait to go out and vote, Hillary’s will not go out of their way to vote for her.

On the other hand, if this drifts back to a three- or four-point race, we’ll have evidence more consistent with a small but real Clinton lead being the equilibrium, with events having the potential to knock it off that equilibrium in a couple of directions.  Of course, there are still a large number of undecideds who could ultimately break one way or the other down the stretch, something that won’t really come into focus until the very end.”



Trump is going to win Big!!


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