Another Good day for Trump

Obama: I Will Consider It An Insult To My Legacy If You Do Not Vote; Want to Give Me A Good Send Off? Go Vote


Is this the appeal that the current president has to get voters to vote for his chosen successor? Nothing about her skills and abilities? Her presidential qualities are so poor that he has to beg them to vote for her to support his legacy.

He’s all but saying” I know she sucks but do it for me” That’s a very weak appeal for votes, no endorsements about her skills and qualities as a leader, just please go do it for me.


Could Millennials Cost Clinton the Presidency?

Millennials are going to third party candidates in big numbers. They feel that they can’t support Hillary so they go for someone else. Many of the Millennials were originally for Bernie, but since Hillary with the help of the DNC and the Media Bernie lost the primaries and won’t be running for the presidency but rather than reward a despicable untrustworthy candidate they will vote third party.


Hillary Clinton Struggles to Gain Traction in Florida, Despite Spending

This article goes on and on discussing why everybody hates Trump and that Hillary is outspending him by a significant margin. They say he is very unpopular with Hispanics, they say the young don’t like him, but even with her spending she can’t take a lead.

How unpopular is he with Hispanics? With illegal Hispanics I’m sure he’s unpopular, he will deport them the way the law requires him to. Is he unpopular with those who are here legally? I don’t know and neither do they, but the polls don’t seem to show that the Hispanics want to vote him out and Hillary in.

Hillary is spending a lot of money in Florida, but what is the content of her ads? What is her positive message? What is she saying she will do? Other than saying that Trump is a dirty rotten bastard she’s not giving the voters a reason to vote for her.


2 Clinton supporters in ’08 reportedly shared Obama “birther” story


This article identifies two campaign people who passed this idea around. One was an unnamed Iowa campaign worker who was fired for passing the email. The second was Sidney Blumenthal. He recently sent an email that said the statement is false but won’t communicate more about the issue.

“Meanwhile, former McClatchy Washington Bureau Chief James Asher tweeted Friday that Blumenthal had “told me in person” that Obama was born in Kenya.

Who do we believe here? A long time intimate and operative of a habitual liar, or a professional news man who send resources all the way to Kenya to check out the story?

When you get caught in a lie it’s hard to be believed in the future and we have caught Hillary in a lot of lies.

Now let’s get back to the real issue here. So what! This election isn’t about the birther issue, this dispute came about because Hillary can’t challenge Trump on the real issues so they pounded him on the birther issue hoping to drag him through the mid some more, but it didn’t happen that way. They got splashed with some of the mud.

Hillary can’t challenge on the issues so she will attack at any chink see sees I n his armor. The voters will get tired of all of her attack ads and tune her out.


Trump is going to win big


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