Why Trump will WIN!!!

Embrace Deplorable!



Trump Embraces Deplorable. Hillary created a battle cry for Trump supporters. If Hillary thinks anyone who follows Trump is deplorable then Trump will use it as a rallying cry. If Being Proud of America and wanting to be Great Again makes us deplorable then let’s shout it to the heavens.

 Its the Economy Stupid


A poll taken in Ohio shows that the leading issues in this political season all deal with the economy and jobs. The most recent poll shows that Trump has the lead on economic issues. Hillary cant challenge him on them because she only wants to do what hasn’t been working.

And not just issues — economic issues. A new Bloomberg poll of Ohio showed just how critical economic issues are for voters with less than two months to go before Election Day. Bloomberg pollsters read a list of nine issues to likely voters — immigration, healthcare, climate change, the threat from the Islamic State, taxes, a decline in real income for American workers, unemployment and jobs, trade and other. Unemployment and jobs was at the top of the list, with 36 percent, followed by income decline at 17 percent. (Healthcare was also at 17 percent.) If one added together the economy-related issues — jobs, income, taxes, and trade — the total came to 64 percent. That dwarfed concerns about any other topic, including terrorism.

In a new Fox News survey, 51 percent of likely voters say Donald Trump would do a better job handling the economy than Hillary Clinton, while 44 percent say Clinton would do better.

As Trump pounds this issue no one can challenge him. When one candidate says he will lower taxes and the other one says she will raise them, who will pull the lever for higher taxes? Not enough to get you elected!!!



Enthusiasm Gap


Look at this picture. All the pictures you see of a Hillary even is close in and only show a couple of hostages. Tell me they don’t look like a picture sent to prove the hostages are alive and you have to pay the ransom. Trump events are wide angle images of large crowds and they are shouting and screaming and excited. Hillary’s campaign even pays seat warmers to flesh out the crowd. Trump doesn’t have to.

To win an election the voters have to want to go out and vote. Even with the expected voter fraud Trump will win this election.

“You can have all the infrastructure you want, but if people are not inspired or excited to vote for you, then it is not going to do you any good,” said Michael Steele, a former chairman of the RNC. “You can have very little, or weak, infrastructure, but if you create momentum or a force majeure that wins the argument.”


Democrats are worried



Nobody likes her or trusts her. Her poor skills as a politician are why there is an enthusiasm gap. The only thing she offers the voters is free stuff that the rest of us have to pay for. Trump says we are tired of being used and abused by professional politicians and want America to be Great again. We are, we want the free market economy to be free and we want government to be the limited government is was intended to be.

She’s unpopular and distrusted. Until recent days she has benefited from being less disliked than Trump. That is changing, however. The bump in favorability she experienced after her successful convention is eroding.

 Her medical episode on 9/11 makes things worse. The trouble is not that she’s ill. It’s that she’s a liar. The muddled stories of what happened at Ground Zero—allergies, dehydration, pneumonia—combined with the visual evidence reinforce the Clinton stigma of opacity and deception. Another coughing fit or stumble won’t just call into question her physical condition but will remind the public that it desperately wishes it had another choice for president.

 Hillary at the UN


Hillary at the UN will only make her look more like Obama, it’s a bonus for Trump who looked presidential in Mexico. He can use this as an opportunity to push the issue that Obama has tried, with Hillary’s help to give away our position as a Super Power and give it to the UN. This is a great opportunity for Trump.

Perhaps Clinton hopes to undo Trump’s successful visit to the president of Mexico last month. However, by associating herself with the UN, she has given Trump a golden opportunity.

The UN is a corrupt and destructive institution that Americans do not trust — for good reason. A recent Gallup poll showed that 54% of Americans think the UN does a poor job, while only 38% think it does a good job.

Over the past eight years, the Obama administration has actually used the UN to undermine America’s influence, interests and image in the service of his own radical left-wing agenda — and as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton participated wholeheartedly in that sorry effort.


The Birther Issue



Clinton Campaign sent reporters to Kenya to find Obama’s birthplace. After trying to pound Trump for his position several years ago and for him to finally back off from it looked to the Hillary campaign as another opportunity to beat on Trump. That by itself showed how desperate they are to attack Trump. They never challenge him on the important issues because they can’t, but this they jumped on.

Then the media had to confess, Sidney Blumenthal started it in the 2008 campaign and now it’s been confirmed.

Meanwhile, former McClatchy Washington Bureau Chief James Asher tweeted Friday that Blumenthal had “told me in person” that Obama was born in Kenya.


Cash For Trash



How desperate can you be when all you can do is offer money for people to rat out Trump for all sins, real and imagined. If all they can do is attack him for anything they can find, then they don’t have an adequate campaign to fight him on the issues.

Now who should we blame for this the Hillary campaign or David Brock. Brock made the offer through his organization Correct the Record super PAC but I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from the campaign. Either way of the media in the person of Brock wants dirt and is willing to pay cash, that proves they don’t have any substance to challenge Trump with.

One of the biggest problems we have today is the uninformed voters. Why do the liberals get so angry when you challenge them with facts? They stop discussing the issues when you give them facts. They want to believe what they want to believe and they refuse to allow the facts to change their minds.

A media that served as the public watch dog, which is what was intended by the first amendment’s freedom of speech clause, would provide a better informed electorate. The only reason negative ads are effective is because the media doesn’t challenge the misrepresentations in the ads. Some ads are outright lies but most are misdirection and the voters are easily misdirected.

Cash for Trash just proves how desperate the media is that even with their acrobatics in defending Hillary Trump is winning.


Trump wins big Hillary will be lucky to get 42%

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