How the State Department spent $545,000

How the State Department spent $545,000

State Department hires company to prep officials for congressional grillings.

The State Department is spending a fortune trying to teach its employees how to testify before Congress.
I know how to do it, I want a part of the $545,000. Sit there tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It shouldn’t take any more guidance than that. The scary part is that decision makers at a level who can approve a half million dollars in spending approved this.

It also seems that the expense was determined to be a solution to other shortcomings of State Department Employees and their testimony before Congress. It causes me to have even a lower opinion of the decision makers than I initially had when my narrow mind assumed that the money was to teach them how to lie better.

The company collecting this money is AMTIC, Inc. and according to its website it provides “federal and state agencies with innovative, high-quality, and affordable products and services while continuing to serve our nation.”
High-quality, and affordable products and services, I wonder what those could be. A half million dollars is not affordable in my book.

The White House faced criticism about the poor testimony by a number of ambassador nominees who had little to no knowledge or expertise about the nations where they would serve.

The decision makers who approved spending the half a million of our tax dollars saw that as an effective solution to the problem. Pay professionals who provides “federal and state agencies with innovative, high-quality, and affordable products and services” to teach those who will potentially perform poorly in front of congress, how not to look so stupid.

I think they solved the wrong problem. The poor testimony delivered by the nominees was not the problem, it was a symptom of the problem.

The problem is that the nominees are idiots. They were nominated based on their campaign contributions, not their abilities. The solution to the problem is to nominate quality people who can do a quality job, not to spend a half million of our hard earned dollars to make an idiot appear to be less stupid.

This is exactly like Bud Abbott trying to coach Lou Costello on how to sound like a lawyer so he can defend Mr. Bacciagalupe on a trumped up Jaywalking Charge. Lou Costello is still going to be Lou Costello but at least we will get a chuckle out of the process.

The State Department does not make me chuckle. Their problem solving skills are weak, their spending practices are terrible. Decision makers approved this much money to solve the wrong problem.

I understand that they are stuck with political appointees who may be unsuited to the job they were appointed to, but for them to spend a half million dollars to artificially make the inadequate appointees appear less stupid demonstrate a complete ignorance of the value of money.

A half million dollars of our tax money should be spent on a more worthy expense. If the appointee is an idiot, let congress see the idiot in all of his or her glory. We can do that without spending any money.

Spending a half million dollars in an attempt to make chicken salad out of chicken shit disgusts me.

I won’t even go into the existence of a company who has found success in providing “federal and state agencies with innovative, high-quality, and affordable products and services. They can only be paid for from tax revenues.

This parasitic organization only exists to receive tax revenues from dim witted elected empty suits and those appointed by elected empty suits to paint lipstick on pigs.

As fond as I am of the free market economy I admire this company very much. They found a target rich environment and a path to success.

Dim witted empty suits can always be convinced to pay tax money to someone who may be able to help them look less stupid and less dim witted.

Here is my advice to the dim witted elected empty suits!!!!

Stop spending money on stupid shit!!!!!!!

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