A Senator of Limited Capabilities

A Senator of Limited Capabilities

Senator Dick Durban has made some public statements questioning the business decisions of senior management of The Walgreen Company. It’s becoming apparent that The Walgreen Company is considering acquiring 55 percent of a Swiss based retailer. It’s not clear at this time what The Walgreen Company is trying to do with this acquisition. Are they planning a tax inversion where the acquisition will shield the overseas income from the greedy reach of the US government, or are they trying to become a Swiss based company and attempt to shield even more of their income from the greedy reach of the elected empty suits who write letters to big businesses about topics that they have not been adequately briefed on.

Senator Dick Durban has been a Senator from the state of Illinois, a well-run operation if I ever saw one, since 1997. He spent the 70’s, 80’s and most of the 90’s as a lawyer. A profession that provides a foundation in chasing ambulances and how to effectively wear a neck brace for fun and profit.

With this limited background Senator Durban has the intestinal fortitude to challenge The Walgreen Company on their plans. He reminds The Walgreen Company that most of its income comes from US taxpayers. I suspect that possibly 53% of its income comes from taxpayers and 47% comes from people who don’t pay taxes but actually get money back above and beyond what was withheld if any of them had a job. So this point besides being more than irrelevant is less than accurate.

The next point this Senator of Limited Capabilities tries to make is that much of the business and success enjoyed by The Walgreen Company over the past 113 years took advantage of taxpayer infrastructure paid for by those same taxpayers. This point is possibly even more irrelevant than the previous point. The infrastructure that has been built and improved and maintained over the past 113 years was paid for by taxpayers for the benefit of taxpayers. The Walgreen Company has been a taxpayer and an employer and a business partner in every community they service. They made significant contributions to the communities in the form of state and federal taxes for every one of the 113 years. They paid for the privilege and deserved to benefit from it.

Nowhere does this refugee from the ambulance chasing corps mention the investments, risks, hard work, and dedication required to maintain and grow a successful business for more than one hundred years. Perhaps that point escaped him. Perhaps he doesn’t realize that it is perfectly acceptable for senior management of a successful business to legally protect their assets and profits from the long reach of tax and spend elected empty suits.

This Senator of questionable skills and abilities mentions how the company profits from the beneficiaries of an assortment of government programs. Unfortunately that is true. Far too many people purchase goods, services, and medicines from the good graces of the 53% of the taxpayers who have to pay exorbitant taxes to support the 47% who DO NOT pay taxes. Far too many people spend far too much government money to support themselves. The tax bite for taxpayers is approaching the point where it is unbearable.

The Walgreen Company has been a successful company for 113 years. Its success is the result of good businessmen making good decisions and making the right decisions for the stockholders. The taxpayers who invest in The Walgreen Company by risking their money in Walgreen stock not only expect, they demand that senior management maximize profits and minimize expenses. Taxes are an expense that must be minimized.

Ambulance chasers, elected empty suits, and morons have a lot of trouble understanding this concept. Taxpayers and businesses are not on this earth to be squeezed and screwed out of as much money as possible by the tax man. Elected empty suits place the takers of the world in the primary position instead of the makers of the world. Taxpayers are the makers; they are squeezed and abused by the elected empty suits to support the free stuff the elected empty suits promise to the takers, in order to buy their love and affection on Election Day.

Ambulance chasers, elected empty suits and morons hate to see a taxpayer legally shield their income from the government. They lose sight of the hard work and effort earning a living requires, they do not agree that the taxpayer should get to keep as much of what they earn as possible.

They certainly do not see the need for a limited government.

My sympathies are with Walgreens, I hope Senator Durbin has to watch billions of dollars flee his grasp as Walgreens doubles the dividends paid to its shareholder.

God Bless the Free Market Economy!!!!

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