Original Intent of the Founders

Original Intent of the Founders

The Founding Fathers of this country had a great deal of insight into bad government, good government and freedom. They realized the importance of a limited government.

Their freedom and liberty was limited by the government that ruled them. They were exposed to tyranny and the excesses of government on a daily basis. Today we are starting to see some of the excesses of government that our Founding Fathers experienced.

Our government is forcing us to buy health insurance and pay for it for ourselves and also for those who can’t afford it. The policies have coverage that causes the cost to be excessive. As a single male approaching retirement I don’t need or want any coverage for childbirth or contraception. I have never required physiological treatment, and I have never had any addition issues, therefore I don’t want to pay for coverage in those areas.
I lose my freedom of choice because elected officials have decided that everyone is entitled to that kind of coverage. I am being forced to pay for coverage I don’t want at prices that I can’t control.

Where is the freedom? Everyone has always had the freedom to get as much health insurance as they wanted. Not everyone did, and that bothered some of our elected empty suits. Some took a risk and opted out of insurance because the premiums were probably more expensive that what their actual medical expenses would be.
Some opted out because they couldn’t afford it. The unemployed, those collecting government benefits, the homeless, and the confused and addicted could not afford to pay for health insurance.

Their medical needs were being taken care of as needed, possibly it could have been accomplished in a better way than it was but the improvements did not have to reach into my pockets and limit my freedom to accomplish the improvement.
Historians have identified a list of principles that we must all understand to really appreciate our freedoms and liberties.

One of those principles is “A free people cannot survive under a republican constitution unless they remain virtuous and morally strong.”

Benjamin Franklin said “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

Our elected empty suits have attempted to solve a problem by creating a much larger series of problems that has placed some of our freedoms and liberties in jeopardy.

Are we as a people losing our virtue and our sense of self-worth? Why do we elect empty suits who promise us a free lunch that is paid for by taxing us through the nose that doesn’t benefit all of us?

We are voting for the wrong people. We must regain our virtue and stop voting for those who promise us a free lunch, because a free lunch has to be paid for by someone. The tax payer, that means you and me, pay for the free lunch for those who are not paying taxes.

Our loss of virtue causes us to vote for people who try and buy our loyalty and trust by offering us free stuff. Our willingness to be bought so cheaply and easily infringes our freedom.

Another principle that we must understand to appreciate or freedom and liberty is: The most promising method of securing a virtuous people is to elect virtuous leaders.”

Samuel Adams said “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. He therefore is the truest friend to the liberty of his country who tries most to promote its virtue, and who … will not suffer a man to be chosen into any office of power and trust who is not a wise and virtuous man.”

We are electing men and women into office who are not wise and virtuous. We are allowing candidate to rewrite their resumes and to mislead us into seeing who they really are before we vote for them.

Any elected official who is caught in a sexual affair outside of their marriage or their significant other is not virtuous. It cannot be viewed as just sex. It is a statement on the character and virtue of the elected official.
Virtue, honor, and integrity are qualities we deserve as voters. Our freedom and liberty depends on the virtue of our elected officials.

Their lack of these qualities are how we got the Affordable Care At forced down our throat.
Too many of us vote for the free lunch promised to us by men and women we wouldn’t allow alone in the same room with our under aged daughters or our wallets.

Our freedom depends on our own virtue, and our votes have to be a reflection of that virtue.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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