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A Senator of Limited Capabilities

A Senator of Limited Capabilities Senator Dick Durban has made some public statements questioning the business decisions of senior management of The Walgreen Company. It’s becoming apparent that The Walgreen Company is considering acquiring 55 percent of a Swiss based … Continue reading

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Tax Inversion and Patriotism

Tax Inversion and Patriotism Several Politicians who like to spend more than the government takes in as tax revenue recently made statements that demonstrate how confused and wrong they are. A topic of conversation among the dazed and confused in … Continue reading

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Income Inequality

Income Inequality We hear a lot of politicians complain about income inequality but none of them define it or offer any suggestions to correct the problem. The big problem seems to be that the successful make too much and that … Continue reading

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Intervention For Politicians

Intervention For Politicians Some families have a loved one who due to unfortunate circumstances find themselves in a situation where they need some serious help. A family member may have a drinking or a drug problem that’s out of control, … Continue reading

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A Free Market Economy

A Free Market Economy Today we’ll have a history lesson. Based on the title above some of the sharper among you may think this is going to be an economics lesson, but based on the current situation this concept may … Continue reading

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Class Warfare

Class Warfare What is class warfare? Is it when the rich and successful get together and go out to the other side of the tracks with bats and chains and start beating up the less rich and less successful? Is … Continue reading

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Integrity and Confidence

Integrity and Confidence Recently a political candidate for a national office has been accused of acting improperly more than 10 years ago. The accusations are being made by individuals from the candidate’s past and they may or may not have … Continue reading

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