The Press is Starting to Get It

The Press is Starting to Get It

The failure of the website that was expected to fuel the Affordable Care Act, and the obvious lies the President was caught in has finally forced the Main Stream Media to challenge their darling in the White house on the details of the promises he was making about the ACA.

Let’s mention here that the free press was always expected to be the watchdog of the people. They were supposed to hold public figures accountable. Asking tough questions and digging for information to catch public figures in the lies they would tell. The Main Stream Media used to fill that role for us, but they stopped that a long time ago. They’ve stopped being our watch dog and now they are more often than not cheer leaders. They are either willing accomplices to the lies or naïve and inexperienced dupes who get “weak in the knee” as they serve as cheerleaders for elected liars and thieves.
Those who challenged the ACA from the beginning are no longer being chastised by the media. The contradictions and the lies are now the subject that the Main Stream Media reports.

Why didn’t they challenge the promises and contradictions when the topic was new? Why didn’t they challenge the President and his other willing accomplices before Congress voted for it? Why didn’t they ask the obvious questions?

The polls showed from the beginning that most of the people did not believe the ACA could deliver what was promised. The Promises were that the plan would give everything to everybody and cost less and cover everybody. On its surface that seems impossible, an amazing claim like that should cause the watchdog of the people to ask some questions just to learn how their brilliant leader was going to achieve such an amazing feat.
They never made an attempt to look after the public interest. They spent a lot of time chastising all the opponents, but they refused to challenge the President when he and his administration made the unbelievable claims.

Now with the spectacular failure of the web site, and the millions of cancellations, coupled with the serious increases in cost for those who are losing their insurance the Main Stream Media is finally asking the questions and challenging the President and the administration.

Their pointed questions and the lame incoherent answers from the President and the others in the administration have caused a serious decline in the popularity of the President.
What was their motivation to finally challenge the obvious contradictions? I believe they were finally embarrassed by the gross lies and fabrications that they let go unchallenged that made them look so incompetent. The president used his allies in the Main Stream Media to get away with his lies. The President lied and the Main Stream Media swore to it.

Their blindness to their obligation as the free press embarrassed them into action.
I think the President and his team believed their own story. They believed they could do all things for all people for little to know cost because they wanted it to be that way.
The believed that insurance companies were making too much profit and this would cut into their profit and those less fortunate would get taken care of. They also believed that the rich would pay more and that would take care of the poor.

Their assumptions turned out to be wrong. The profits are necessary and they fuel he free market society so they will be there and they should be there. The rich frequently are not those with trust funds and inherited money, they turn out to be you and me and those who work hard and get our income reported on a W2. Almost all of us are paying for those who can’t or won’t earn their own way.

They want to provide top of the line benefits to everyone but to pay for it everyone has to have the same benefits. We all have to pay for insurance and coverage we don’t need ot want to pay for it for those who can’t pay for it themselves.

The plan is to complex and too cumbersome to work under the best of circumstances. No one in the administration has any business experience so no one has the skills to make a complex plan work.

The Main Stream Media will make a show of beating the drum on the failures of the President but it will probably back away when they see it’s hurting him. They will back off and start blaming the messengers again.

An effective Public Watchdog will force public figures to be honest and real. The watchdog won’t tolerate a public figure that can’t be faithful to their spouse, who won’t stay the course, or who takes advantage of the public piggy bank.

When a public figure says that changing the rules of the Senate is an abuse of power yesterday but says that it is time for change and the right thing to do today, the Public Watchdog must feel a need to stack and make the public figure defend the new position. The credibility of the media and the public figure demand it.

When our public figures change their position more often than they change their sleeping partners; we have public figures that are not looking out for the public interest. That’s only partly the fault of the low levels of integrity in the public figures; it’s mostly the fault if the Public watchdog that lets them get away with it.

The Main Stream Media finally gets it, they see how challenging public figures when they lie in public has a significant impact on the opinions of the low information voters. Now we have to get them to see how their naked bias impacts their duties as the public watchdog.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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