Redistribution of Wealth Part 2

Redistribution of Wealth Part 2

Our society is made up of different groups of people. Some are hard working honest decent people who strive to live a good successful life (Group 1). Some are people who work hard to make a living but some will work at accepting an easier life at the expense of others. (Group 2). Some are less than honorable and will accept any free opportunity that comes their way and will work harder at avoiding work than the work would take in first place. (Group 3). Some are shifty, lazy, manipulative and lack the honor and dignity expected in adults in this country today.(The elected hooligans in public office that do not deserve a legitimate group number.)

Group 1 works hard and accomplishes amazing things in life. They work and take risks and are the source of most good things that happen in America today.

Group 2 get up get a job go to work and collect a pay check and drift between the amazing and the marginal in life.

Group 3 gets up looking for a way to get over. They want a free ride. There mating call is “If it’s for free it’s for me!”

Group 1 is made up of levels. The top level of Group 1 is extremely talented or in some cases maybe even lucky. Some of them are Rock Stars, Athletes, actors and actresses, scientists and businessmen and women. They stumble on phenomenal success and they deserve all of it. Whether through luck or design they earned their success and they are entitled to it. The middle level of Group 1 are those who work hard based on a good education and good work habits and do very well in life. They raise families and live their lives in obscurity but with a very nice life style and the deserve all of it as well. The bottom level of Group 1 also enjoy some success, but they have some bumps in the road along the way, sometimes they make a lot sometimes the make less, but they stay on the sunny side of success and enjoy a good lifestyle as well.

Group 2s upper level is made up of those who don’t quite reach up to Group 1, but they work hard and raise families and pay their way in life, but don’t quite enjoy the amount of disposable income that Group 1 enjoys. The middle level of Group 2 works hard and struggles to make a living but supports themselves and their family. They struggle and have to work harder than group 1 to stay afloat but they manage to maintain a decent lifestyle. The lower end of Group 2 struggles harder to maintain their heads above water, but they do and they manage to and live a good decent life, but will accept a free gift from the government if it’s available.

Group 3 is mostly made up of takers. People who feel that they are entitled to a free ride at the expense of others; they contribute nothing but expect everything in return. “If it’s for free it’s for me” is their mating call.

The group that I have not mentioned or categorized are those who fall from grace for a short period of time due to circumstances that are beyond their control. These would be your legitimate widows and orphans who are between opportunities and are in short term need of help. Most of this group stumbles in one way or another , but gets their act together and can and do become self sufficient again after a little bit of help. They don’t want to be career dependents, but they need some short term help.

Now the bulk of tax revenues come from Group 1, a lot comes from Group 2 and nothing comes from Group 3. Group 3 and the elected hooligans salivate at the tax revenues confiscated from Groups 1 and 2. The elected Hooligans want to get that money and shovel it at the takers in Group 3 and make the lower end of Group 2 jealous and offer them some of the free ride. There is so much money available from the success of Group’s 1 and 2, that they shovel so fast and furious that it gets hard to accept that much non taxable income into enough of their pockets. Group 3 enlarges as the easily tempted move from Group 2 to Group 3 because they are being rewarded for their willingness to accept a free ride and not earn a living. The elected hooligans want to increase the amount of “safety net” available to society to make sure that they are re-elected over and over again to keep shoveling Groups 1 and 2s money in their direction.

They reward the takers for taking and punish the successful for their success.

Behavior Modification works like this. When your dog poops in your house, you say “bad dog” and bring him outside and show him where you want him to poop. When he poops outside you tell him “Good Dog” and give him a treat. We have successfully house broken dogs for thousands of years this way. When I was 16 my parents found success with me for the same reason using the same methods. It works every time it’s tried.

When you provide a free ride for no apparent reason the takers of the world will take the ride. We are creating a larger pool of takers than payers. We are getting to the point where the takers are growing and the payers are shrinking. Maggy Thatcher had a great line that fits here. “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money”

Place an end date on the free ride. Stop making a helping hand turn into a life style. If that’s successful maybe we can stop punishing success and provide an incentive for more success. And somehow we have to stop the elected thieves from using the public piggy bank for their own selfish purposes. Many years ago whores were known as whores and shunned by polite society; elected officials have taken over that stigma. Compared to elected officials a whore is honorable and respected. When I get screwed I want to get kissed or I want to have paid for the privilege up front. My state and federal elected officials are just screwing me openly without even a thank you.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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