Redistribution of Wealth

Redistribution of Wealth

For those of you who don’t understand the concept of Redistribution of Wealth, it’s the process where you Steal from the Rich and give to the Poor. Robin Hood used this process to create fairness and equity between the Saxon’s and Normans in the Middle Ages. The Normans were the in charge due to some mystical form of birth right and they taxed the Saxon’s into submission. Every family owed a few shekels to pay the tax man, and if the shekels weren’t available a pig or a goat would do. It didn’t matter that the pig or the goat were the only means of support for the families involved. Robin Hood took from the Privileged class who had wealth from some birthright and gave it to the Poor who were poor because that’s all they could be. Education wasn’t available and opportunity didn’t exist, just the occasional pig, goat or chicken.

Our updated version of Redistribution of Wealth is a bit different. We don’t have Robin Hood looking after us, and we don’t have the Normans in power by any mystical birthright and the poor aren’t Saxons who have to be poor because they have no other choice.

Many of our parents forced us to go to school and work hard and go to class and do our homework. They pushed us to stay in school and after high school go to college and study some more. Some of our parents made us hold one or more jobs and learn a good work ethic and to be responsible for our actions. When we learned to do that we became more marketable and were able to get a decent job. As we worked at our job, we worked hard and did well and got promoted. More work, more opportunity and finally more money. Some of us found a spouse with similar values and similar work habits and we got married and doubled our income (that income has also been called success, don’t tell anyone, but that’s becoming a bad word) As life progressed we had children and they grew up and they learned the same bad habits that we had, such as hard work, good work ethic, strived for a good job and a good education and eventual promotion and they shamed the family by enjoying even more success than their parents. This success brings in a good income and a good life style.

Our elected officials, in their infinite wisdom decide to tax the Bejeeus out of our success and to create programs and benefits and distributions to those among us who didn’t get a good education and a good work ethic and a drive for success and promotion. Our success is rewarded with more taxes also known as a punishment for being successful. We’re learning that doing better and making more means you get to keep less of what you make. In my world we call that a disincentive. Think of it like this, you make a bunch of money and bring it home in a bag and give it to your significant other. Your significant other takes the bag of money you brought home and kicks you in an exceptionally sensitive body part and takes several handfuls of your hard earned money and runs out of the house with it. They run to a local hang out and they find someone who hangs out there and waits for someone like your significant other to come running over to them with a couple of fistfuls of money and hands it out to them. They are now being rewarded for their lack of success. In my world we call that an incentive to not being successful.

Let’s review, you make a lot of money and someone comes over and takes a lot of that money away from you and gives it to someone who didn’t earn it. Where is Robin Hood when we need him? Some one better come over and kiss me because I think I just shared some unlawful carnal knowledge against my will.

This is a pretty good deal if you’re on the receiving side of this process, but it kind of sucks if you’re on the unlawful carnal knowledge side of this equation. Success equals screwed!

Now let’s make some assumptions to try and make this process a bit more palatable. Your success is so impressive that you’re making so many bags of cash that the small pitiful amount taken from you is barely noticeable. And let’s also assume that only the really really successful are punished and only modestly punished for their success. Let’s also assume that the poor unfortunates who have the cash shoveled at them really need it because they would like to be successful but it isn’t possible because of circumstances beyond their control. Occasionally if a few shekels are taken from the vast wealth available due to your phenomenal success and it goes to a couple of widows and orphans and they get to live a decent life due to your generosity, then all is well in the world.

But when the extortion taken from you is so significant that you start to consider working less and earning less, to stop the pain and the extortion, then maybe the redistribution is going too far.

Also when the other side of this equation, includes shoveling so much wealth to anyone who chooses to not be successful because it’s easier to collect bags of money from the government instead of earning a living on their own then maybe the redistribution is going too far.

Let’s also complicate the process a bit more when we allow our elected thieves to discretely insert into law bags of cash for local enterprises, that used to have to break into your house under the cover of darkness and steal your money like real men, and that cash is used to help the elected thieves get reelected over and over and over again, then I need to be kissed over and over and over again, because the unlawful carnal knowledge is starting to hurt. When I have that much carnal knowledge I want to choose the partner and have the opportunity to lie about it to my friends, and to enhance my performance every time I tell the story.

I have a suggestion; I have something buried in the back yard that the dog left after a particularly good meal. Its fit for any elected thief, Take it, and Redistribute it, Please Redistribute it and leave my small bag of cash alone!!!!!!!


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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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