Why Republicans and the President Can’t Agree

Why Republicans and the President Can’t Agree

The first and most obvious obstacle to a meaningful agreement is they both have different agendas. The President honestly believes that government is the answer to anything that a citizen perceives as a problem. He also believes that the “little guy” is being taken advantage of by the “big guy” and only government can level the playing field.

The Republicans believe that spending is out of control and as a government we are trying to continue to spend and place additional tax burdens on our citizens.

The debt limit is another issue that will need additional attention and that will just enable more spending.

They also believe the Affordable Care Act is poorly constructed and is far from what was promised and sold to the American People. They also realize that a majority of citizens are not happy with it and don’t want it. As it stands so far the ACA is a financial nightmare that is grossly unfair to the public. The President granted a one year extension to unions and big businesses to delay when they will have to face the burdens of the new law, but the individual citizens do not get a one year extension and have to pay the price for it starting now.

Many Republicans want to defund the program entirely.

The President wants to spend and spend and spend and he certainly wants his signature effort as President to move forward as soon as possible. He does not want the Republicans to have a victory at his expense.

The Republicans want to get spending under control and to be more fiscally responsible. They also want to use the urgency of the Government shut down and the debt limit to coerce the President into negotiating and agreeing to their demands.

Does either side really care about the private citizens? On one level I’m sure both sides do. One many other levels they both have their own selfish needs and obligations to consider.

Neither is led by an individual of independent needs, desires, motives, or skill. Both sides have to answer to groups within their followers. They both have to be able to sell their compromise to their followers. Both sets of followers want everything they want and do NOT want to compromise. Both leaders are not strong leaders and neither side has adequate skills in communication.

An effective leader can express what the problem is and how the Leader is going to LEAD them to safety or to the goal line. Effective Leaders can communicate their message in clear simple terms. They can state the problems and identify solutions and take decisive action.
There are very few Effective Leaders in government.

Politicians have to play nice with the power brokers who control the money. Money wins elections. Politicians have to use radio, television, the internet and, social networking to win elections. All this takes money, lots of money.

An effective Leader with a message that addresses the problems and lights a path to the solution to those problems can effectively communicate the message in clear terms that will not require so much money to communicate.

The biggest problem is the low information voter. Far too many voters will believe what a Politician tells them if it’s the message the pollsters, political aides, and focus groups informed the Politian the low information voter wants to hear.

Promise them a Free Lunch and also promise that the Free Lunch will be funded by the Rich Guy and he low information voter is willing to believe it.

They can’t come to an agreement because they are not strong or effective Leaders, the low information voters like the free lunch they are getting and don’t want to give it up, and too many of the other voters are not paying close enough attention and not always as civic minded as the low information voter.

The lack of effective leaders, repeatedly elected and reelected and supported by the low information voter coupled with the lack of attention paid by the high information voters, are the reasons the President and the Republicans can’t come to an agreement.

The solution is to find some strong Leaders to run for office, to motivate the high information voters to stay involved and pay close attention to the process. We must have leaders in office not politicians.

Government is supposed to be limited and there to serve us, not to be unlimited and stick their nose in everything we do.

Pay attention and find some Effective Leaders.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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