Taxes and Spending are the Problem

Taxes and Spending are the Problem

Politicians are talking about budgets again and they are demonstrating how unfit for office they are. Taxes are way too high and must be cut. All of us who actually pay taxes are paying too much. A large percentage of people don’t pay taxes receive more than they pay in, that is a special kind of stupid that must be fixed.

The reason that condition exists is because politicians are buying the affection of voters who don’t make much money. Their inability to earn more than they do is rewarded by cash taken from taxpayers who had to pay taxes. Politicians want to pay off voters for any reason they can to buy their affection and loyalty. People are creatures affected by behavior modification. Provide a bonus at tax time for not earning a lot of money and you train them to continue to earn less to get a check one time a year.
The more each of us earn the more we have to pay in taxes. Politicians talk of fairness, how much is fair? We are made up of makers and takers. The makers keep making and we don’t get anything in return, the takers keep taking and don’t make a meaningful contribution.

Elected empty suits have to accept the fact that we are at the high water mark for taxes. No more for any reason, the taxes must go down and soon.

Spending must stop. The Founding Fathers did a good job of spelling out what state and federal governments must do. As the years have passed from the 1787 when the Constitution was signed to today there are changes that did need be made. The limited government intended by our Founders has gone out of control. Politicians are afraid to make changes to the current level of spending because of the pain, misery and disappointment it will cause for those receiving money from the government. Why don’t they consider the pain, misery, and disappointment suffered by the tax payer?

The Federal government was never intended to provide a safety net to those who need help. The fraud waste and abuse present in all government social programs make them far too expensive to be worth the effort. The good intentions of politicians who have the selfish motive of buying the affection of voters have not solved the problem of poverty. Since the 1960s we have spent trillions of dollars to bring people out of poverty, well it hasn’t worked. It’s obvious money is not the answer so stop spending money on poverty. Do some research and let the families, churches, and communities address those problems; and keep your hands out of the tax payers’ pockets.

Spending in all areas is out of control. So much of it is not what was intended by our Founders. Spending has to stop, and it will be painful and difficult to get under control, but it has to stop and it has to get under control. The elected empty suits are spending money we don’t have. We are spending at rates now never seen before. Money that shouldn’t be spent because it’s not what the government was intended for is bad enough, but to spend that money and cause us to be deeper in debt is a compounded crime.

The debate should never be how much do we raise the taxpayer’s burden? Tax payers are burdened beyond reason already; taxes must come down and come down soon. What is the role of Federal, State, and Local governments and what is the role of the individual? That’s the debate we should start having. Independence and self-sufficiency are what this country was founded on. The government at all levels should never be the answer to any of our problems.

Why does the government waste so much money? Elected empty suits are trying to buy the loyalty or repay the favor to individuals and organizations that helped them get elected and intend to help them get elected again.

Google “wasteful government spending” and you’ll read tales of robotic squirrels, talking urinal cakes, sidewalks to nowhere and the sexual habits of fruit flies. Entitlements has replaced defense as the larger portion of government spending and can only be expected to increase. We need defense and we are stuck with entitlements, so why aren’t we being wise and frugal with the other discretionary spending? The answer is they don’t have to; they have no respect for the tax payer or how much money they take from us.

Let me summarize. Taxes are the problem, we are taxed too much and it has to stop soon. How they tax us is wrong, too many voters don’t pay taxes and get free stuff in return. Our fiscal house is too broken to let that continue. When the bread winner in a family lost a job the family stays home and eats hot dogs, beans and ramen noodles. They don’t go out to an expensive steak house for a big dinner.

Elected empty suits must start looking for ways to cut our taxes or prepare to get voted out of office and replaced with someone who will.

Spending is the problem, too much and on the wrong things. What is government’s responsibility and what is the individual’s responsibility? That’s the debate. The public piggy bank cannot be used to buy votes. It happens every day and it has to stop. Government has to stop putting its hand in our pockets, it doesn’t belong there. Stop spending now!

High taxes and excessive regulations and government over reach stifle the free market economy. The economy will be stronger and there will be more jobs if government makes the adjustment.

The government rewards failure and punishes success. That may not be their intention, but it certainly what happens when you pay people for not working and charge higher taxes to those who are successful.

What we learned about behavioral modification is when an individual doesn’t have to pay taxes and then provide a check for no apparent reason; you train people not to work and to be dependent on checks from the government. When you raise taxes on the successful people in the tax base, you give them reason not to invest or to work as hard. Why work hard or invest when the government will only take more of your hard earned money away. Reward failure and punish success equals lower tax revenues.

Do this long enough and wasteful irresponsible spending without lower taxes equals losing the next election to someone who will lower taxes and stop spending. That’s the best kind of behavior modification.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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