Spending Cuts

Spending Cuts

Sequestration is here and 2.3% of a Three Trillion Six Hundred Billion Dollar Budget or $85Billion dollars must be cut from the total. Forty percent of everything our government spends is borrowed or newly printed money. More than one hundred years ago a loaf of bread sold for less than a nickel. The newly printed money that the government creates to make up what they don’t have to spend is why we must pay almost $2 for a loaf of bread today. Printed money causes inflation. What money is left is worth less.

That’s the equivalent of a family living on $1500 a week but insists on spending $2100 a week. $600 every week is borrowed or creatively created in ways that will cause a problem in the future. Political leaders in this country are defending that practice.

They created this monster to keep from being responsible when they had a chance to do the right thing. This is a self made crisis in a series of self made crisis that does nothing to fix the serious problems this country has to deal with.

This country was founded with the intention of having a limited federal government. Government was never intended to be the answer to all our problems. Our Federal Government was intended to handle the tasks that the state governments could not handle for the whole country. The Federal Government was intended to stay out of our way.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are filled with articles explaining in what ways the Federal Government is limited. Nowhere in our Founding Documents is there any article explaining how the government will support us emotionally or financially.

One of the original limiters to the federal government was money. They didn’t establish a method to tax us in the Founding Documents. For those of you with short memories our Revolutionary War and our Independence come from the tax payers who felt they were being taxed unfairly and without consent.

With the situation as it is today, some of our political leaders are screaming that we will have to cut the most critical services that our bloated government provides. They are also screaming that the life of the common man will be disrupted and made unsafe because of the effects of the 2.3% cut in spending.
Where is the media, the public watch dog, to challenge those leaders and their scare mongering statements? Where is the media asking some simple questions to keep our voters informed well enough to understand what’s happening?

Why do we have to suffer such serious consequences from trimming 2.3% of a more than a three and a half Trillion dollar budget? Couldn’t we just change the brand of toilet paper that the government buys and limit some travel of government officials and save far more than 2.3%?

When the political leaders answer that the law created requires that the cuts come from these critical areas and not the parts of the budget that are filled with even more waste, fraud, and abuse.
The follow up question could be. Mr. political leader you created that law, can’t you create a new law that changes where the cuts come from so we don’t suffer the serious consequences that you are trying to scaring us about?

Regardless of the answer that the political leader gives he must be asked about the decisions to make the cuts in areas that will disrupt the tax payers so drastically. 2.3% of a Three and a half trillion dollar budget is really an insignificant cut. Someone is making the decision to make the cuts appear far more painful than a 2.3% cut should be.

Trimming 2.3% from a three and a half trillion dollar budget should not impact the taxpayers in any way other than suffering less abuse from our elected officials. Where is the media keeping the tax payers informed about what’s really happening?

Political leaders are looking the tax payers in the eye and lying about what’s happening and they do it because the public watch dog allows it to happen. Politicians were supposed to tell the truth and be held accountable to the tax payers by the free press. The main stream media was intended to challenge authority and hold them accountable for what they do and fail to do. What they’ve become is the elected liars enabler.

When political leaders misrepresent the facts and score cheap political points against their opponents the media was expected to be fair and unbiased and report the facts without taking sides. The voters are uninformed because the main stream media has become the echo chamber for the incompetent politicians who have no respect for the tax payer. Tax payers pay the bills; voters are easily impressed by the painted whores who run for office. Tax payers are far more critical to the process than voters. Eventually you run out of other people’s money when you buy the love of the voter with free stuff!

The Federal Government is supposed to look out for the tax payer more than the voters. The tax payers are paying the price for the party. Politicians are not embarrassed to stick their hands in the tax payers’ pockets to confiscate more and more to buy the love and trust of the voters.

There are people in jail in the private sector for doing what politicians do to tax payers every day. Using others people’s money to buy the short term virtue and affection of someone else.

Where is the media holding public figures accountable for their words and deeds? Who is asking the hard questions or challenging the public liars who make false and misleading statements about the current situation.

Politicians wouldn’t attempt to make such outrageous and misleading statements about what’s going on if they were challenged in public.

This budget crisis known as the sequester is self made by the parties who are blaming each other for it. 40% of all the government spends is borrowed or artificially created, that’s making our economy for today tomorrow and the future less stable. There is so much waste fraud and abuse with the trillions that our government spends its laughable to believe that trimming 2.3% from the total will do anything but improve the economy.

Most voters don’t realize that because they believe what politicians tell them. The media is not holding them accountable and reporting the facts in ways the voter can understand.

History will record the main stream media of the last 30 years up to today as criminally liable for the problems this country is suffering today. Their dereliction of duty is the primary reason the incompetents in public office got elected.

A poorly informed voter is the most dangerous enemy to Liberty. Our voters are uninformed, dangerously uninformed, and it’s the media’s fault.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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