Income and Spending

Income and Spending


The private sector and families understand the process of income and spending. Politicians can’t get the concept of income and spending because they have a different agenda than the private sector and families do.

In the private sector their agenda is to make money. A privately owned company or a corporation is in business to make money; to make as much money as possible. We go to work every day to make money for us to support ourselves and to save for our future. We don’t mind making enough to live a decent life, but most of us want to make a lot more and live the life of the rich and famous. Success and comfort are not things to be ashamed of. Work hard and make a lot of money and retire early and in comfort is what most of us try to do.

A privately owned business run by a family is intended to support the family and provide an opportunity for future generations. Profit is a good thing; earned income is a very good thing. A publicly owned company is owned by the stock holders and they all want the value of their stock to grow and they would love to have some dividends paid out on a regular basis to reward them for their investment. Without a rising stock value and or a dividend the investor has to question why tie that money up in a dead end investment. Why keep money at risk, and it is at risk when it is invested in a publicly owned company when there is no reward for keeping the money at risk.

The business of making money requires that the private sector stay within its budget and spend as little and possible to make as much profit as possible. Spending is always limited to the bare minimum. The less you spend the more you can make. Restraint in spending leads to increase e in profit. Let me repeat this; Profit is a good thing. Reward for hard work is a good thing. Politicians think its evil but they’re politicians and they don’t know good from bad.

Families have to understand the relationship between income and spending. They have less flexibility to stretch their income and their spending. They can only put out what they take in. Spending on essentials such as food clothing and shelter are limited by what income is taken in.

Politicians on the other hand have no concept of profit and limits. Politicians have a different agenda that does not match the goals and objectives of the tax payer.

Some politicians feel the need to punish success. They want to take as much away from those who are successful because they believe in order to be successful they must have taken advantage of someone else and unfairly earned their success. They may be motivated by jealousy or envy and want to steal from the rich because they were never able to earn that kind of success through their own efforts.

Some politicians feel the need to spend far beyond the government’s income because they gain power and influence by using public funds to achieve their goals. Using public money to divert to a special interest in order to reward outside forces that helped that politician get into office or stay in office increases their power base and keeps them in public office longer and in better position to divert more and be more powerful.

Many politicians are just clueless about public funds and public spending. They don’t have a clear understanding of the relationship between a working individual’s hard work and the tax burden they shoulder and the tax revenues that are spent in ways that don’t support the public good.

Many if not most politicians have a naive view of the world. They believe that there are so many who need to be helped and that without the safety net provided by government the streets will be filled with the hungry and homeless.

I disagree with that, there will always be a small percentage of needy that can use some public help, but there will always be larger percentages who want to take advantage of the public help. Whenever the government provides a free ride there will be far more than necessary who will accept the free ride. Look at all of the fraud and abuse in Welfare, Food Stamps and Medicare. There is free money to be had with very few controls to prevent abuse. There are a great many who refuse to accept adequate jobs or any jobs because the free ride they receive from all of the public assistance they receive provides better for them than earning their own living.

We have trained them to take from the public funds instead of earning their own living. The words sinful, criminal and stupid don’t do justice to this situation.

Some on public assistance live better and have more opportunities than some who work hard and earn their own living. We are spending money that we don’t have to reward many who refuse to earn their own living and prefer to accept public assistance.

Waste fraud and abuse are constant companions of money spent from the public finds. Such a large percentage of the money spent can be saved just by opening their eyes and limiting waste fraud and abuse. The amount of money that is literally pissed down the drain due to a lack of intelligent management is staggering. Public servants and businessmen can and do that daily, politicians are incapable of doing it. They refuse to do it.

Politicians and the main stream media shout that the sky is falling and the apple cart is being tipped over. They refuse to take an honest assessment of the situation and report to the public the state of abuse committed by the politicians who created the crisis and lament over the consequences.

Spending must be cut taxes must be lowered and politicians must be voted out of office.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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