Media Finds Vital Information On Wisconsin Shooter

Media Finds Vital Information On Wisconsin Shooter


The lunatic who entered the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin and started shooting is a military veteran. The reports never mentioned the color of his eyes or what type of underwear he was wearing. The color of his eyes and the type of underwear are as relevant to the shooting as his military experience.

In the military this lunatic may have received training on how to use a weapon, but how much training does it take to point a hand gun and fire? There are millions of veterans who have served in the military and received as much or probably more weapons training than this lunatic. Is there a correlation to being a veteran and mass murder? If that’s the point they’re making I don’t think they supported their position very well.

When we look at the media and their concern that this lunatic had military experience, in the context of the tragedy caused by the lunatic, the only conclusion that we see is the media has contempt for military experience.

There was hatred, bias, confusion, pain, or something inside this lunatic that caused him to act out in an antisocial manner. There is no legitimate reason for anyone to walk into a house of worship and start shooting.

This was a lost soul in need of some help, but before he found help he lashed out in a tragic way. The shooting had nothing to do with his military experience. Only someone with a prejudice against the military would see his military experience as a relevant factor in this tragedy.

Since we’re discussing military experience, the lunatic wasn’t the only individual with military experience in this tragedy. Lt. Brian Murphy, of the Oak Creek Police Department was also a military veteran. In his efforts to protect innocent civilians he was shot 9 times and was severely wounded. As he took each round into his body he kept trying to help those who needed his help.

Upon the arrival of medical help, he refused to allow them to help him until the wounded victims received help first.  In an attempt to be fair and impartial, a part of a journalist’s standard of conduct, this brave officer also had military experience. If that fact was relevant in describing the lunatic, shouldn’t it be relevant in describing the hero?

Personally I don’t think Lt. Brian Murphy’s military experience is relevant to his devotion to duty and heroic performance. Lt. Murphy must be a well trained professional law enforcement officer with courage and dedication to his profession. His job causes him to place himself between danger and innocent civilians. He knew that when he swore the oath required when he became a policeman, and when danger presented itself he stood tall and placed himself between danger and the innocent.

The man Lt. Murphy became is the result of his upbringing by his parents and family, his education and his training. The personal qualities that exist within him and made him perform heroically are relevant, not his military experience. Perhaps the fact that a man of substance and quality that places himself between danger and innocent civilians also voluntarily joined the military provides a clue to military service.

Perhaps many of the men and women, who serve their country with the clear knowledge that danger will be part of their service, have similar qualities. Men and women of good character who stand tall in their communities and serve willingly and faithfully. Maybe more of those who serve are people who are quality members of the community who should be recognized and appreciated and not scorned and ridiculed by biased members of the media.

How this tragedy was reported speaks volumes about those who reported it. The weakness of the media and the bias toward things most of the public hold dear shows why the public is not as informed as it should be. Their biases color the information that the public receives.

Lt. Brian Murphy was the hero of this tragedy, the lunatic was a lunatic and the media embarrassed itself again with poor reporting skills.

Thank You Lt. Brian Murphy, for your service to you country and your community.




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