Whose Success Is It


Whose Success Is It

 There are some politicians running for office who are trying to tell us that the successful among u s have not been successful on their own. On some levels this is a true statement. The question becomes who helped the successful be successful.

Frequently a spouse is a big part of their partner’s success. Either through a great deal of support specifically in the opportunity that the successful partner is successful in or in the moral support and the other parts of life to allow the successful partner to focus on success and achieve what they plan on achieving. Spouse and family should be given a great deal of credit for anyone’s success.

Education is mentioned by the politician, hinting that teachers should be given credit for the success as well. When a teacher accepts a job to teach, they should make sure that their students can perform what they were taught in the first place. Reading and writing are basic skills that we all learn early in life. Does a second grade teacher deserve credit when someone becomes a successful movie star because they taught them how to read in the second grade? Does that teacher need to be chastised when a student in the same second grade class spends a significant part of their life in jail for selling drugs? Both former students know how to read and write?

How about the college instructors, who provided some specific education at a much higher level, do they deserve more credit than the second grade teacher? When student A graduates with an MBA and becomes a mega successful CEO and student B gets by in middle management followed by years of unemployment who does the teacher take credit for, the successful student or the unsuccessful one?

Education is important and teachers get paid to teach. They’re expected to do what they get paid for. The student is there to learn and then to use that education as they see fit. Some do more with the education than others. The teachers get credit for building the foundation that a successful person builds their success on. They are NOT responsible for the success.

Imagination and ideas are not mentioned by the politician, but they’re a good part of some success. Henry Ford didn’t create the car, but his imagination and ideas created a way to build them faster and cheaper. Bill Gates didn’t invent the computer or even the software to run a computer, but his imagination saw a way to partner with IBM to get the software and computer together to become the miracle that computers are today. He made a deal with the owner of the software and the builder of the computers that made him and his company as successful as they are.

Imagination, innovation, creativity and persistence have always served the successful well and that comes from within not from government.

The Politician tries to give credit to roads and bridges to the success of many people. I agree many of the successful have enjoyed success while they and their companies made use of roads and bridges. Infrastructure is important. The infrastructure is available to all of us, why aren’t we all as successful? It’s there for all of us. If my neighbor is making millions and I’m just getting by why am I not making millions? I’m using the same infrastructure.

Possibly the infrastructure is not the cause of the success, but how the successful person made use of the infrastructure is more of a factor than the infrastructure itself.

Is it possible that this politician has no idea what success is and how success is achieved?

Success is something that is achieved through hard work and determination. Success is defined different ways by different people. Maintaining a steady job and earning a living to support you and your family in a relatively drama free life is success. Building a business that earns more in a year than a hard working man with a good education and strong work ethic can make in a life time is also success, a super success.

Does the person who achieves a super success owe a part of his success to his community? Maybe, but that’s a decision that the successful has to make on their own. Does the community have a claim on that person’s success? Beyond the taxes and fees associated with the individual’s business, the answer is no.

The community didn’t earn that success, and they shouldn’t be envious of the profits generated by the success. They’re responsible for the environment that the successful managed to achieve success in. The environment is available to all of us, some manage to do more with the environment than others.

The community does not have a claim on the success of the successful. It’s earned and they deserve their success. Those of us who are not as successful should not be envious or jealous, we need to learn from them and achieve some of our own success. They were able to maximize their opportunities and build on past successes; we should all be able to do that.

Government doesn’t make us successful, but government can and does punish success. Increasing taxes on the successful is a punishment intended to make the successful pay their “fair share”. The successful are paying the highest tax rates already; does that not qualify as their fair share?

Why does government get to determine what a fair share is? 48% of taxpayers are not paying taxes, and getting money back, what’s their fair share?

I have a message for the politicians of the world who think government is responsible for an individual’s success.

Stop spending our tax money and stop trying to demonize the wealthy and successful. Admire and respect the rich and their success. Profits are not bad and success is more of an individual effort than it is the result of government intervention. Success is achieved in spite of government not because of it.

Vote Responsibly in November, our success depends on it!!



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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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