Lower Tax Rates and Revenues

Lower Tax Rates and Revenues

 Every time tax rates are lowered revenues go up. Does that sound like a decent way to reduce the deficit?

Stop trying to punish the wealthy for their success and they will earn more and invest more. Wealthy individuals have options. They can defer income to later years or they can shelter income by not investing it.

Why invest in anything that will generate income if the return on the investment will not be worth the risk. High tax rates encourage people with money to hide their money. Not hide it as in stashing it in a Cayman Island Bank account (but I suspect some do) but hide it in a low interest savings account or CD and minimize income. It pays to earn less when you lose more to the tax man. Can you say unintended consequences of the soak the rich committee?

Spending has always been the problem; they do too much for no apparent reason. The new Congressmen and women that we elect next November will help fix that. The Current Politicians can’t fix anything but their own next elections.

Lower taxes will generate higher revenues. It’s worked every time it’s been tried.

Lower taxes NOW, Stop spending NOW.

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A well fed middle aged male with strong opinions and a sense of humor. I was a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army Military Police Corps. I also spent some years in manufacturing management in both union and non union environments. I know how to lead and how to supervise. I also know how to share what I know. My degree is in Criminal Justice so that means I have a background in Psychology and Sociology. When you couple my Law Enforcement and Security training and experience with my education and experience in management and leadership you get a unique view on Supervision and Leadership.
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