The Intolerable Acts

The Intolerable Acts


One of the important events that led up to our Revolution was the Intolerable Acts. As a response to the Boston Tea Party King George III had several acts passed to punish the colonists. The Boston Port Bill, The Quartering Act, The Administration of Justice Act, The Massachusetts Government Act, and the Quebec Act had become Law and the Colonists wouldn’t tolerate them.

The Colonists were being punished for their independent spirit. The Colonists would not tolerate the taxes imposed on them from England. They resisted and fought back with civil disobedience. The English fought back with intolerable acts intended to punish their independent spirit. They would not be pushed. The greed and failure to respect the population of the colonies pushed the situation to a point that should not have been passed.

The Colonists felt they had to resist to the point of violence. From that point we became the United States of America. Their independence and their foresight have created a form of government that is still strong more than 200 years later. We still enjoy the benefits and the security of the government that sprang from the revolutionary spirit of our Founding Fathers.

The Intolerable Acts were not intended to manage the government or to provide fair and equal treatment to every citizen. The intent was to punish the citizens for their show of independence. King George and the English government underestimated the strength and the determination of the Colonists. The Colonists would not be bullied. They would not be treated as second class citizens. They stood up and fought back the only way they could.

I think we’re seeing some intolerable acts in this country today. The Health Care Bill, the attempt at Cap and Tax, the attempt at the Card Check Bill, the Finance Reform, and so much spending it makes my wallet scream in agony. Our government has taken our acceptance or tolerance of their poor performance for granted. We have to accept the poor performance because they won the elections and now they get to run the government. Unfortunately they’re running it into the ground.

We must work at fixing the problem. The problem is the wrong types of elected officials are in office. We keep putting them in office and we do it for the wrong reasons. We don’t hire enough men and women who will reduce taxes and reduce spending. They don’t see the problem for what it is. They are the problem. They spend money to convince us to elect them, they raise taxes because they want us to think the rich guys will pay and we don’t care if the rich guys feel some pain. The problem is that we’re all falling into the rich guy income bracket. They’re spending so much that the rich guys can’t pay it all by themselves. Too many of us don’t pay any taxes and get money back on top of what they don’t pay. This system is so broken the word broken doesn’t adequately describe it.

We need a new revolution, a revolution at the Ballot Box. When it’s time to vote we must only vote for men and women of strong character and those who commit to stop spending our money and to cut our taxes. The government must stay out of our wallets and our lives. Less government is a good thing. Less spending is a very good thing. Lower taxes are the best thing. The people we elect should be good people who have never been in elected office before and who don’t intend to stay there and make a living abusing the tax payer.

We need our country back. Our Local, State, and Federal governments have gone out of control. We have to take them back and we must do this at the ballot box. Only vote for decent people who understand how badly the governments have let down the people they were supposed to serve.

Pay close attention to this next election and vote like our way at life is at stake, because it is!

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