“Woman is injured in Hamilton graveyard by falling tombstone during ‘extracurricular activities,’ police say”

“Woman is injured in Hamilton graveyard by falling tombstone during ‘extracurricular activities,’ police say”

This is a headline from New Jersey! While visiting the grave a couple were either so overcome with passion that they felt the need to engage in some form of almost public display of affection, or possibly lust, or they were overcome by the setting and needed to get it done right then and there. Whichever it was; it was with enough vigor that it caused a headstone to topple over and injuring her leg.

The article doesn’t mention whether or not the deed was completed to anyone’s “satisfaction” but it does mention that the woman was taken away from the scene of the event by an ambulance.

Lessons Learned:

Keep you outdoor social agenda to areas with out any significant safety risk.

When considering what “protection” you need in your social life consider Steel Toed shoes, and your insurance card.

Cell phones should always be handy to call for help. After she was pinned under the tombstone he could have called for the help of a couple of strong friends to retrieve his partner from under the stone and brought her to an emergency room where they could have cooked up a better story than the truth.

A Blatantly Bald Assed lie would have served them much better in this situation than the truth.

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