A Senator Pays Taxes

A Senator Pays Taxes

In a surprise development recently a Senator from a Northeastern State paid a ton of tax money that he didn’t owe. He purchased an expensive luxury yacht  from a foreign government and registered it in a state that was not his primary residence. It was also a state that he was not the senator from. His family did own a home in the state that didn’t tax the expensive luxury yacht and that did provide adequate cover for his decision to dock his expensive luxury yacht there. It is possible that he chose to dock his expensive luxury yacht there because his home state had an ugly tax that would cost him about $500,000 for docking that expensive luxury yacht at home.

This man is a private citizen as well as a senator. He and his family have a few shekels they can rub together and have no problem supporting several large homes in multiple states. They also have the money to buy an expensive luxury yacht. Those who can rub a few shekels together know the value of those shekels and do their best to avoid spending them foolishly or unnecessarily. This senator didn’t owe the tax. He deliberately didn’t bring his expensive luxury yacht where he would be required to pay the ugly tax. It’s normal, it prudent, it makes sense to do what you can to legally avoid paying ugly taxes. It NEVER makes sense to encourage legislators who attempt to punish success and tax the bejesus out of anyone with a positive cash flow. The tax law they wrote did not require this senator to pay this ugly tax. This senator is alleging that he will pay the ugly tax, even though he wasn’t required to.

He’s paying the ugly tax  because he was being accused by the media of being a hypocrite. The surprising development is that the media never accuses members of this senator’s party of their hypocrisy, but something caused it to happen in this situation. He paid because he felt he had to show us all that he isn’t the hypocrite that he obviously is. Smart people avoid taxes, he’s entitled to avoid encouraging elected spendthrifts. Never pay a tax that you don’t have to.

Since that senator is always trying to raise taxes and punish success, he put himself in an awkward position. He always preaches the value of punishing success. To enhance his own credibility he chose to pay the ugly tax. Otherwise he never should pay the tax that his state doesn’t deserve. His wealth allows him to have multiple homes and to legally dock his expensive luxury yacht away from the ugly tax.

None of us should ever feel bullied into rewarding elected hooligans who constantly try to support their bad habits and poor representation by over taxing successful people. All it accomplishes is to drive successful people  out of their reach. As long as our attempt to shield our success from their tax and spend clutches and does not violate any laws, we should do it.

The media should open their eyes and see some more hypocrisy in those who want to punish success and spend more and more of our money. The hypocrisy is there and it qualifies as news so investigate and report it. We’re all interested, let’s see it.

The rest of us should only pay what we legally must pay. Sometimes it pays to not earn success, don’t invest, don’t earn and make income. Successful people can do that. If you try to hurt me too hard in taxes, I can hurt you back harder by not earning money or investing money. You can’t tax what I don’t earn.

Avoid paying any tax that you can legally avoid. It’s our duty. Out elected representative should be doing their best to limit government’s reach into our pockets. The best way to do that is to STOP spending.

Vote the Bums Out,


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