The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act

The Stamp Act was passed by the British Parliament in 1765. The tax was imposed on colonists and required them to pay a tax on every sheet of printed paper they used. The colonist s didn’t appreciate the Act because they felt they were being taxed by parties that they did not have any representation with. British parliament was across an ocean and they imposed taxes and laws on the Colonists without any input by those being taxed. In this case the revenue from the Stamp Act was to be used to pay for the expense of defending the Western Frontier near the Appalachian Mountains. The purpose and the use of this tax appear to be legitimate. An expense to serve the common good of the electorate and shared by the electorate based on the amount of documents required to live your daily life.
The objection was the concept of taxation without representation. The Colonists didn’t want Parliament to tax them and not give them a voice in the decision making process. This was one factor that helped start the Revolution.
Today we have many taxes and regulations that are being initiated that will do less to serve the common good than the Stamp Act was intended to do. We have taxation with representation to a level that’s beyond painful. Our elected representatives are voting for laws that will change our way of life in painful ways. Our representatives are not representing us very well. They are representing outside interests more than they are representing the people who voted them into office. The Stamp Act had a purpose but it was imposed by outsiders and those expected to pay for it didn’t want to have outsiders impose their will on them. Our representatives are doing the same thing today; they are imposing the will of outsiders against the will of the electorate.
How much of the money spent by the local, state, and federal governments are for the common good? How much of the money consumed by those same governments are spent because the representatives are instructed to spend that money for the good of special interests and are for the good of the few not for the good of the many? Why do we let the federal government spend money to support the construction projects of an Indian Casino in one state? The allegation is that it’s part of the stimulus package to prop up the economy. The casino is profitable; it can pay for its own construction. The jobs weren’t saved by misspending this money, but it was part of a common practice for a legislator to get money approved to reward special interests in their home district. This is one legislator; there are 535 of them in the federal government, how many more of these abuses of the taxpayer are there every day. Why do they disrespect and insult the people who voted for them this way?
The Stamp Act helped initiate an uprising, but I can see the purpose and the practical side of that Act. The common everyday wasteful spending of our elected officials needs to initiate another uprising. The blatant disregard for the voter and the taxpayer can not be tolerated. This November we must rebel against the wasteful spenders and the liars we keep putting into office. Character, integrity, and responsibility are the keys qualities I’m going to look for in anyone I vote for.
The Revolutionary War was the birth of our country and in many ways our way of life. The genius of our Founding Fathers created a system of government that’s still effective. Currently we don’t have the best and the brightest in office representing us. The elected officials have lost their way and have forgotten the intention of our Founding Fathers. The government is there to serve the electorate equally. There shouldn’t be any free rides or special interests. Public Service was not intended to be a life time appointment. Take your turn and serve your community and then go back to work at your day job.
There is a difference between a professional politician and a public servant. Professional politicians are more like magicians; they show you the burning ball as they take your wallet out of your jacket. When they’re done, you applaud and cheer instead of show your outrage at the theft. A Public Servant protects your interests and manages your recourses as though it was their own. You can trust your wallet and your underage daughter with a Public Servant; you can’t trust your trash with a Professional Politician. They’ll dig through your trash to discover how they can pick your pockets some more.

Vote the Bums Out,


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