New Jersey Taxes?

New Jersey Taxes?

The elected empty suits in New Jersey are trying to pass a new tax that is being called a Millionaire’s Tax. They are anticipating that this tax will bring in millions of dollars of revenue to prevent them from cutting spending for some programs that on the surface may seem to a bleeding heart as necessary spending, but it CAN NOT be necessary. The reason it can not be necessary is the elected empty suits have spent themselves into a condition called BROKE. At one time they had a wallet that was bulging with money, but they misspent that years ago. Now they have a state with millions of people who can no longer support their bad decisions and spend thrift ways.
Government is not intended to provide feel good funds for those in the state who need an opportunity to feel good. The government is there to provide for the common good of those governed. The private sector should make all of the opportunities for the public to feel good in whatever way they can make a profit from. If programs for the senior citizens of the state are in jeopardy because of the poor spending habits of the elected idiots, then the senior have to go without those programs. Does that sound harsh? Does that lack a certain amount of compassion? No it doesn’t.
The painful level of taxes is the result of a legislative body spending money that is doesn’t have. There are some issues that provide for the common good of the state and must be spent. Those issues are necessary. Some of the feel good programs are nice, but when they require an increase of taxes to a level that the individual who worked hard to earn the money has to lose some (far more then necessary) of it to a body of elected officials of questionable judgment to spend as they see fit, then those issues are not necessary. Let them make themselves feel better at their own expense not the public at large.
Why call this a millionaire’s tax? Is that supposed to make the public feel better, because those rotten people who earn too much money have to lose it? Do the elected fools think we are that stupid? Unfortunately some of us are that stupid, or they wouldn’t try something that transparent. A tax is a tax, regardless of what it’s called. An attempt to punish someone’s success, to give elected idiots more resources to misspend in an attempt to make an elected leader (Gov. Christie) look bad or to make their wasteful spending look important, is a shallow attempt at misleading the public. Taxing success from you, me, or the rich guy, is an attempt to steal from the rich to give to the poor. Tax us enough and we will stop earning money or move out of the state. New York and New Jersey are losing income earners because they are punished by government for living here. Most states have less state taxes to pay, why stay here? Let the elected idiots try to impress the less discriminating voters without my income.
How deep into our pockets should the government dig? How much does it cost to provide the essential items for the common good? How much of a safety net should government provide for those in serious need? How much wasteful spending should the voters allow before they fire their legislators? Where does the voter go to see every dollar on every check that our government spends? What is the process to have a recall election to fire my legislator because they failed to live up to their campaign promises?
These are important questions; the people I vote for should be trying to get the answers for me. I want the elected officials to be more afraid of disappointing me than they are of disappointing the party leaders and their string pullers.

Vote the Bums out,


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