Good News and Bad News

Good News and Bad News

There has been some good news and some bad news in the papers lately. New Jersey has a new governor who is fighting the old evil ways of elected politicians. He’s fighting to keep taxes in place with an eye toward lowering them (at least he’s smart enough to see that the elected empty suits have pushed too far and taken too much from us) plus he’s trying to stop spending. He is fighting every attempt on the part of the career empty suits to mismanage the public piggy bank. This man is leading the way for the next wave of elected executive office holders.
Wisconsin has a former county executive who’s trying to win election as the next governor and he threatens to be a lot like New Jersey’s governor. He gave back more than $300,000 as a county executive over an eight year period because he felt his position shouldn’t make more money than the governor. He brings his own brown bag lunch to work every day because he says he is being gouged in taxes and can’t afford to eat out. Whether he believes it or not that’s how elected officials have to think. It’s our money the elected empty suits have to play with and so far they have NOT shown us they play well with our money.
New York State has a candidate who has been a successful CEO and now wants to run for governor. I know very little about him except he wants to cut taxes by 10% and spending by 20%. This is a modest course change and I would prefer a more aggressive change in direction, but it is a start and it is going in the right direction.
One elected governor and two hopefuls so far, and we will have some of the right kind of people getting into office to do the right kinds of things. The spending has to stop and the taxes have to go down. None of this is rocket science, and none of this is a mystery. When we work hard we’re entitled to mismanage our own money. They spend too much of the public money to accomplish nothing other than follow the instructions from their bosses. The one big problem is they forgot who brought voted them into office; we did not the special interests who tell them what to do. We voted them in and we MUST vote them out.
Loyalty and trust is something I look for in a valued employee in the work place and I won’t tolerate anything less in an elected official. If you must depend on my vote I expect you to be loyal to me, not the power hungry interest group who gives you too much money to use to mislead me. When you have the ability to spend my money I want to be able to trust you to do the right thing and take care of me and my family. If you feel that you must satisfy someone other than the voter and the tax payer, we don’t need you and out you go. I want you to go to work every day with a knot in your stomach, nervous that you will not please the voter enough.
The power mongers who pull the strings of elected empty suits today have that much power because we give it to them. That’s right the voter gives the special interests the power they have. Too many of us believe the smoke and mirrors and shiny lures they flash in front of us when they run for office and we vote for the wrong guy. Don’t believe candidates or anyone who speaks for them, look into their past history and see what they accomplished. Long term public service is not a resume enhancer for someone you need to trust. Long term public service is exactly like a long rap sheet on a criminal. They have a lot of experience doing the wrong kind of things.
The current accidental governor in New York did something smart, either an error in judgment on his part or some sort of divine intervention. The one day a week furlough for state employees, that the elected empty suits were forced to agree to because they couldn’t get their paychecks if they didn’t. Several of them were quoted saying how angry they were that they were forced to do that as if there was a gun to their head.
Have they gone that far over the edge? They have a constitutional obligation to put a budget together and be an effective functioning legislative body by April 1 of every year. That’s where they should be feeling the pressure, not from being coerced into doing what they’re paid to do. They have some nerve to sound indignant that they were forced to do the right thing. The types of people we need in office are the ones who feel they have a stronger obligation to the voters and the tax payers than the power mongers who pull their strings.
These elected empty suits have gone so far away from where they’re supposed to be they can’t be rehabilitated. Unemployment is a big problem in this country today, we need to increase some of that unemployment by voting out a bunch of these long term public miscreants and vote in some new people who will be loyal to their voters and can be trusted.
All of this was the good news I mentioned at the top. The bad news is that the tide is turning; the electorate is getting fed up with incompetence and mismanagement. The right kinds of people are running for office, the elected empty suits feeling the pressure of fiscal responsibility, and the sun is starting to shine in my back yard. That’s good news for us and bad news for them. I can’t wait for Election Day!
Vote the Bums Out,


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