The Presidential 2 Step

The Presidential 2 Step
The other day the president was asked by a US Citizen, named Doris, whether it was a “wise decision to add more taxes to us with the health care” package.
“We are over-taxed as it is,” Doris said bluntly.
The president then went on a 17 minute dissertation on the same lame logic he used to convince the leaders of congress and the senate to vote this fairy tale into law. Unfortunately the public (that means those of us who’ll have to pay for this public swindle) are not as easily misled or fooled as the leaders of our government are.
The president made mention of a “whole lot of misinformation” that’s out there and he’ll have to work hard to correct. I’m not sure if he realized that the misinformation is coming from those in the media, a clear minority, who can read and are interested in reporting the truth and facts as opposed to the wishful thinking or fantasies shoveled at us by the white house. This public swindle will cost us tons of money and not save us anything. Our current health care providers will not be serving us as they have been in the past. The new insurance requirements will push insurance companies out of business and doctors will not be compensated as they had been, so they’ll retire, quit, or not become a doctor in the first place. People go into medicine to help people and ease the pain and suffering of those who need their help. They also expect to be compensated for that. They have good intentions and genuine feelings for their patients, but they want to make a ton of money in the process, there’s nothing wrong with that, they should get what they deserve. Profits and success are only bad words if you’re a socialist.
If you choose not to agree with what I said in the previous paragraph, that’s your right. If this president is as eloquent and as intelligent as he has been declared by a clear majority of the media, why did it take 17 minutes and 2500 words to fail to answer Doris’ question. Doris asked, whether it was a “wise decision to add more taxes to us with the health care” package. “We are over-taxed as it is,” Doris said bluntly. This is basically and yes or no answer.
Add a few bells and whistles and you could pump it up to a couple of sentences and a 2 minute answer. But Doris had a very good point. Is it a wise decision? If he chose to answer the question about his decision, he could have addressed that. If he wanted to try to answer the question about us being over taxed, he could have done that as well. But he didn’t. He went on and on and talked in circles discussing the topics that have mesmerized the media in the past, but didn’t address the question or the doubts that the public has.
Shine a bright lure in front of most fish and they’ll get mesmerized and take the bait. Put some glitter on some cleavage on any dancer in any “Opera House” in America and most male patrons will still slip lots of currency in her undermost garments and “appreciate” her performance. Dance around the truth and fail to answer the question and you will successfully tip toe past most members of today’s media.
Why didn’t this intelligent orator answer the question? It’s not a hard question; a few well chosen words would have satisfied Doris and many of the public who have the same question.
Part of the blame has to go to the teleprompter. Had the teleprompter been loaded properly a clear, understandable explanation on why it is wise to tax the bejeesus out of those of us who are working and earning an honest living in this country and paying too much in extortion to our government to misspend. He could have told us that our success is bad and that success is preventing a poorly educated individual with poor work habits from being successful as well. If he believes that he could have said it.
If he really believes that the health care swindle will save us money and not cost us money, he could have said that. The problem with that is he could be required to back up his delusions with facts, but he could have done it if he really believed it.
What he did do was ramble on using big words and long sentences to say absolutely nothing. The media has been swearing to God that he is the smartest and the most eloquent leader the world has ever known. It’s been said that he is almost as smart as his teleprompter.
They were simple questions, simple answers were available, why didn’t he give them?
My headache is coming back; I need to lie down again!!!

Vote the Bums Out,


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