Bernanke Sounds a Warning on Growing Deficit

Bernanke Sounds a Warning on Growing Deficit

“Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sounds a warning on growing deficit” is the headline on a recent news article. Isn’t he one of the top appointed financial geniuses in this country? In the article he says that deficits are growing, it will get worse not better and we have to try and live a responsible lifestyle. As our population gets older there will be a drain on the public piggy bank from Medicare and Social Security. He tells the elected liars and thieves in congress that they will have to start worrying about this problem now not later. Right now they’re mostly focused on how they will fix their individual elections this coming November. The usual amount of smoke, mirrors, lies, distortions and misrepresentations may not work as well this year. To focus on a legitimate and urgent piece of public policy under the best of circumstances is beyond them. At this point in the public careers it’s almost impossible.
This appointed financial genius offers several options but no clear suggestions. If he’s a smart as he needs to be he must be more direct and blunt with the elected want to be white collar criminals he reports to in congress. A variety of new taxes or fees are an option, except the revenue expected will only materialize if those of us being punished by the taxes make some money to be subject to tax. A good percentage of the money to be spent will be on entitlements that the elected empty suits keep creating for only half of us to pay for. The other half get to pay no taxes and some of them get a refund of taxes that they didn’t pay.
He never uses the phrase that he should be screaming to anyone who’ll listen. STOP SPENDING. Almost all of the money that they’re writing checks for doesn’t need to be spent, especially when it isn’t in the public piggy bank to begin with we have to find a way to make them stop spending our money.
The elected response to a financial crisis is to find a new and improved way to stick their hands in our pockets. They never try to find a way to stop spending money. Do we really need to build a bridge from the town square of a congressman’s home town to the local whore house? To we need to fund the construction of a road from one senator’s campaign contributor’s mistress’s house to his campaign manager’s house? Why do we fund studies of the nocturnal habits of the exotic blue ball bird?
Why do we do all of those things that don’t have to happen? Why do we let them spend money like drunken sailors when most of them have no respect for drunken or sober Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen, or Marines? They don’t deserve the right to mismanage our money. If given the opportunity and they didn’t take it out of my paycheck to begin with I’m sure I could mismanage it on my own.
Why can’t the financial geniuses in this country ever focus on that end of this Ponzi scheme. When money is tight cut back on the spending! When the public piggy bank is almost empty the public piggys we elect into office should have to stop spending. They create a deficit by spending more of what we don’t have on more of what we don’t need and then call us selfish for crying while they pick our pockets. Does that sound like what they do to us every day? We need to vote on more holidays for them to shut down congress and go home more often. The less time they spend at work the less of our money they can shovel into the sewer, or to their friends and illegitimate relations.
I want to apologize if I sound too harsh about the integrity of our elected and appointed public figures. I must sound like I have absolutely no respect or trust in them. There’re so many of them, 435 in the house of representative and 100 in the senate, and thousands in state and local positions. Out of that crowd one or two could be honorable and have noble intent. If there are one or two who should not be condemned they haven’t stood up to be counted yet. So until they do they should stay guilty by association and their associates are so guilty. Guilty of spending our money for no apparent reason, guilty of having too little respect for themselves not to put out on their first date; these whores start selling themselves before they’re sworn into office. Guilty of moving their lips, because when they do they are always misrepresenting the truth. And guilty of not being smart enough to stand up for themselves, they don’t act until a poll or their controllers tell them which end is up or what to believe. If one original though popped into the head of an elected official someone would have to call an ambulance and the government would be sued for something.
I take my apology back I just reread what I wrote and I was too nice to those low level thieves, I was too nice to them, not too harsh. An honest to God thief breaks into your house like a real man and overpowers you and steals your money. Those cowards don’t have that much courage or integrity to rob us like men. They use the cover of government to steal from us.

Throw the Bums Out,


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1 Response to Bernanke Sounds a Warning on Growing Deficit

  1. tim074 says:

    Ben Bernanke should have never been reappointed as Fed Chm. All I hear is Mr Bernanke and Treasury Sec Timothy Geithner are opposing the appointment of Elizabeth Warren as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Pres Obama must give Ms. Warren a recess appointment or otherwise, he’s going to lose votes. I hope he doesn’t cave in to the Republican Party and the big bankers.

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